Origami Decor – How To Make a Paper Bowl

The latest of our DIY Origami Decor posts is a fun little project that you can easily use in your Wedding Decor, as well as your home or office. You could make these Origami Paper Bowls for your wedding, and afterwards distribute them amongst your bridesmaids or friends to organise their desks at work. A cute reminder of your special day! These Origami Bowls are easy to make, but if you don’t feel like going through the effort, or are pressed for time – ask your Wedding Stationer to make them for you! If you’re keen for more, take a look at our other projects: DIY Wedding Decor Ideas – Origami Vase and How to Make an Origami Crane.

You will need
  • Scrapbook paper in the colour and design of your choice.
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder – (A dull-edged hand tool used to fold and crease material in crafts)
Step 1

Find scrapbook paper that matches your theme for this project. You can use a variety of patterns and colours, as long as they work with your colour scheme or theme. The reason you need scrapbook paper is that it is sturdier than normal paper, which is what you need to create a durable and steady bowl.

Print out our Origami Paper Bowl pdf – this is the template you will use for the bowl.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Step 2

Lay the template over a sheet of scrapbook paper. Using a ruler and your bone folder, trace all the lines of the template onto the paper below. This will create an indent to make folding easier.

(Alternatively, you can print the template directly on to the scrapbook paper. If you do this, keep in mind that you will have to print two for each bowl, and you should print on the reverse side of the colour or pattern.)Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Step 3

Start cutting the shape out. Start by cutting the entire outline, and then only cut along the dotted lines. Do not cut any of the solid lines, except the outlines.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Step 4

Start folding all of the creases you have made with the bone folder inward. If you printed the template directly onto the paper, one will be folded inward, and the other outward. This will allow you to insert one into the other to hide the text.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Step 5

Make neat folds for the flaps created by cutting along the dotted lines. This will be the pieces that will be glued to hold the shape together.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Step 6

Keep your template next to you to see the numbers to determine the order in which to glue the flaps. (If you printed on the paper, this will not be necessary.) Start by spreading the glue all over Triangle 1 and then using the folds you made to guide you, place the glued triangle on top of the neighbouring triangle until the two triangles overlap completely.

Repeat glueing numbered triangles 2 – 6 to its neighbouring triangles until your bowl is complete. If you have decided to make a double – having one colour on the outside and another in the inside, leave the last flap unglued so you have space to insert the other completed bowl.

Spread glue on the last remaining flap and press firmly onto the last remaining triangle.

You can trim any excess strips of paper that overlap to create a neat edge.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper BowlOrigami Décor - How To Make a Paper BowlOrigami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

These cute Geometric Bowls can be scattered across your table to create interesting visual elements. You can put mints into them, or leave them empty if the inner design is pretty too.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper BowlOrigami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

For the office, you can arrange these bowls on your desk to organise your paperclips, rubber bands, staples – any small item that gets lost on a desk or in a drawer! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create a bigger one to hold your pens! It will be all the rage around the water cooler.Origami Décor - How To Make a Paper BowlOrigami Décor - How To Make a Paper Bowl

Download Origami Decor Paper Bowls PDF

Origami – PLANK Create
Photography – ZaraZoo Photography
Cutlery – Yuppiechef
Styling + Decor – Pink Book

Original Paper Bowl sourced on The Craft Patch

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