DIY Wedding Decor Ideas – Origami Vase

Do you remember those little things we folded as children that would tell your fortune? Those little paper triangles that you could stick your fingers in and move the corners? Well, they have a name, and we’re going to refresh your memory on how to make them, and what to do with them after! To make this very cool design element, which can be used for your Wedding Decor, Office or even at home – we’ll start by making an Origami Fortune Teller. And then, we’ll make many more for our latest DIY Wedding Decor Ideas post! If you’re loving the DIY, how about How to Make an Origami Crane or Origami Decor – How To Make a Paper Bowl

You will need
  • Square paper, in the colour of your choice. (Our tip is to buy square paper from an office supply store so you don’t have to cut the paper into squares first.) The size of the square is up to you. We used 10x10cm. The smaller the paper, the more you will need to fold.
  • Craft glue
  • Bone folder – (A dull-edged hand tool used to fold and crease material in crafts)
  • The vase/container you want to cover. A straight-edged container, with the same circumference, will be the easiest to cover.

Download Origami Fortune Teller Instructions

Step 1

Start with the white side up. Fold in half in both directions and unfold.Origami Fortune Teller Vase CoverOrigami Fortune Teller Vase Cover

Step 2

Fold each corner into the centre point.Origami Fortune Teller Vase Cover

Step 3

Turn over and again fold each corner into the centre point.Origami Fortune Teller

Step 4

Fold in half along creases shown, both ways, and open.DIY Wedding Decor Ideas Origami Fortune Teller Vase Cover Now your Fortune Teller is finished. Use your fingers to open it up.

Now, you can start getting a little nostalgic and play with your fortune teller, or – you could fold more to complete this amazing looking project.

Step 5

Fold more Origami Fortune Tellers. The number of Fortune Tellers you will need is rather hard to determine, as it really does depend on the size of the vase you want to cover.

Step 6

Now that you have folded many Fortune Tellers, the fun part starts. Apply glue to one tip of your Fortune Teller on the inner and outer flap, and then simply slip another Fortune Teller over the glued tip. Continue this until your Fortune Teller “strip” is as high as your vase. Now start expanding lengthwise and keep glueing the Fortune Tellers until you have a piece high and long enough to cover the vase.Origami Fortune Teller Vase CoverDIY Wedding Decor Ideas Origami Fortune Teller Vase CoverOrigami Fortune Teller Vase Cover

Step 7

For the final step, glue the tips of your final row, and simply slip the opposite row over the glued tips. Now you will have a cylindrical shape, which you can easily slide over a vase – and voila! You’re done!Origami Fortune Teller These vase covers can be made as big or as small as you like. Try experimenting with different size paper to get a variety of sizes for bigger and smaller vase covers. Scatter them round your tables for an eclectic and edgy feel, or, if you’re making bigger ones, you can place them randomly at your pre-drinks for effect.DIY Wedding Decor IdeasOrigami Fortune Teller Vase CoverOrigami Fortune Teller Vase Cover

We designed a Printable Origami Fortune Teller PDF – download yours now!

Origami – PLANK Create
Photography – ZaraZoo Photography
Cutlery – Yuppiechef
Styling + Decor – Pink Book

Have a look at our Wedding Flowers and Decor Inspiration board on Pinterest.

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