7 Must-Know Tips for Centerpieces

When it comes to selecting wedding centerpieces, there are a few factors to consider. Namely: the height, the different types of floral elements as well as ways of cutting costs.

What do you envision for your big day?

1. The Importance of Incorporating Variety

One of the first things to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect centerpieces for your wedding day is to incorporate variety into the overall look and feel. Select elements that are slightly different from one another, however, ensure that the colour scheme remains the same.

Here’s why: it will add dimension to your wedding space and will avoid it from looking monotonous.

In order to illustrate: the same flowers can be styled differently. You might want white roses on every single table – however, some can be styled in vases displayed across the table while others are incorporated into table runners. Two different looks that go hand in hand.

Wedding Decor AutumnImage Source: Fleur le Cordeur 

2. Go Local with your centerpieces

When it comes to your wedding centerpieces – go local. Firstly, it’s awesome to support local businesses that operate within the agricultural sector. Not only will you be contributing towards the economy, you’ll be saving yourself some extra cash.

Many florists import flowers, however, if you support florists who grow their produce locally, you won’t have to pay for the extra transport costs. Score!cherry floral centrepiecesImage Source: Fleur le Cordeur 

3. The More Flowers, the Better

Submit a variety of options to your florist. Don’t have a florist? The same concept still applies – ensure that you order a variety of flowers instead of only going for one type of flower.

Here’s why: flowers are more stubborn than what you’d think. Some flowers blossom better than others, depending on the time of the year. Other flowers don’t grow very well during a certain time of year. Some may get damaged during the transportation process.

So it’s best to submit a variety of flowers to ensure that you have enough options to play with on the big day, because trust us, there are going to be a few that get damaged or that don’t look exactly how they should.

Also, this brings us back to our first point – your wedding will look more vibrant with a larger variety of flowers.

fairy light wedding decorImage Source: Blomboy

4.Incorporate Quirky Elements

Another thing about the flower industry – it can become incredibly expensive very quickly. Don’t settle for centerpieces that you don’t like just because your budget won’t allow for something extravagant. There are many gorgeous elements that can be incorporated that are inexpensive and look gorgeous!

Namely: fruits, vegetables and foliage. Luckily, these are all very trendy right now. Greenery such as penny gum or olive branches is way cheaper than tulips or roses, and it will allow you to achieve a warm and rustic feel!

unique wedding decorImage Source: Fleur le Cordeur 

5. The Height of the Centerpieces

It may sound quite simple, but make sure your guests can see each other when they’re sitting at their tables. While you are busy planning your centerpieces, create a mock table. By doing this, you can sit down at the table and see how everything will look and feel on the evening of your wedding. Elements that are too tall will make it impossible for guests to converse with each other across the table, effectively shutting down communication and frustrating your guests.

grape wedding centrepiecesImage Source: Fleur le Cordeur 

6. Cutting Costs

There are very easy ways of cutting costs when it comes to this. First of all, consider the items in which the centerpieces are being displayed. Renting out vases can add up to quite a costly figure.

Why don’t you call in some favours and ask family and friends if you could borrow some of their vases? Many beautiful weddings also feature plenty of naked candles with penny gum – this completely cuts the costs of décor items such as vases and candle holders.

Image Source: Blomboy

7. Keep Them

Take all of them home the next day and have your new home filled with floral beauty! It would be a pity to let them go to waste! Another awesome option is to donate them to an old-age home or orphanage.

centerpiecesImage Source: Fleur le Cordeur 

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