Cocktail Ideas for your Wedding Day

Don’t you think it would be just perfect for your guests to enjoy sun-downers while you are out and about parading for your wedding photos? Including a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails on your wedding day, will add an exclusive touch to your pre-reception drinks. Allow us to suggest some fun cocktail ideas for your wedding day.

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Photo by Ainis Jankauskas

Pick and Choose

Be sure to have a variety of cocktails ideas to cater for all your guests’ preferences. Opt for a couple of virgin cocktails that contain no alcohol, as well as a few cocktails that are low in sugar. Don’t mix the cocktails too strong. The cocktails should complement the color scheme of your wedding as well as the flowers and decor.


Happy Hour

To add to the ‘sundowner’ feel of things, you can have a number of handsome men serving the drinks on trays, or just one cocktail area where the barman serves the specific cocktails. To keep your guests entertained, the barman can even teach a few individuals to make a cocktail of their choice.

If you are on a tight budget, only have a few cocktails ready beforehand and give the guests the option to ‘order’ the second cocktail. This will ensure that you don’t waste money on excess drink that will just be left in the sun.

colourful cocktails

Photo by ahmad syahrir

Get Descriptive

If you want to be very creative, you can give each type of cocktail its own name. Think of the different types of personalities that will be present on your special day. The description should also include the contents of the cocktail, with a rating of how strong it is. Depending on how formal your theme will be, you can give your cocktails various names such as ‘The Good Girl’, ‘The Rock Star’, ‘The Ex’, ‘The Grandma’, ‘The Bridesmaids’, ‘The Singles’ etc. Decorate the cocktails with lovely straws and pieces of fruit to give it the real ‘sundowner’ feel.

For more ideas or to check out the original photos displayed in this post and their credits, have a look at our Cocktail Ideas for your Wedding Day.

Check out our Wedding Day Cocktail Ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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