Wedding Food Trends 2020

Wedding Food Trends 2020

Johnny Hamman from the conceptual pop-up eatery and restaurant, Slippery Spoon Kitchen, give us the inside scoop on the Wedding Food Trends for 2020. Have a look at this mouthwatering list of wedding food ideas to inspire you. And fair warning; if you aren’t hungry yet you will be after reading this blog! When you have decided what you want to serve, head over to our directory to find your catering company.

6 Delicious Wedding Food Trends for 2020

1. Heritage Foods:

Boerekos is becoming a huge wedding food trend at the moment. It is basically our Afrikaaner heritage food. Mainly affordable, slow-cooked food. Things like ‘Pampoen Koekies’ which is pumpkin roasted in the oven, turned into a puree and then made into a batter which gets deep-fried. It’s basically like an American doughnut. What they do is take the pumpkin batter, create it into the shape of an American doughnut and then enhance that with a slice of meat, like Kudu Fillet that’s been seared and then placed on top of the pumpkin. Add fragrant elements of salty, sweet, lemon & lime and cinnamon and sprinkle it over the meal.

heritage food wedding catering trends 2020 heritage food wedding catering trends 2020 heritage food wedding catering trends 2020

2. Live Food Stations:

Live food is always a great idea for your wedding because it stimulates many senses. It smells good, looks good and tastes good. This would be things like whole rump steaks cooked on fires, in front of you and your guests served on beautiful wooden plates. The bonus of having a live food station is that you pay for your menu prize, but it includes in your decor and also adds to your entertainment value. Food AND a show!

live food station wedding catering trends 2020 live food station wedding catering trends 2020 live food station wedding catering trends 2020

3. Skip Starters:

Plated starters have taken a back seat at weddings because it’s a nice to have. Pre-drinks has become the golden hour for a wedding, the most enjoyable part. It’s not the part where the bride and groom disappear anymore, so the entertainment has taken a notch up with the pre-drinks. By the time you come to the reception you have eaten quite a lot of food, so it wouldn’t make sense to give someone a plated starter and then also the main course.

starter wedding catering trends 2020 unique starter wedding catering trend 2020 starter wedding trends 2020

4. Family Feasts:

The family feast is the BIGGEST wedding trend at the moment. People don’t want to spend that much money on the table decor anymore, so the food is now also becoming part of the decor. This includes exceptional good quality foods. For example, a beautiful leg lamb, a whole fillet still sizzling on a salt slab. Beautifully roasted potatoes mixed with our local Waterblommetjie kimchi and a very nice garden salad. This delectable feast is presented in the middle of the table, looking beautiful. And a mixture of foods gives the guests some options to choose from.

family feast wedding catering trends 2020 family feast wedding catering trends 2020 family feast wedding trends 2020

5.Unique Dessert:

You have to be clever around your dessert. There are three steps to the food at a wedding. 1. Pre drink – Keep the food as casual and comfortable as possible. 2. Reception – Kick it up a notch. 3. Dessert – Have some fun. Once again having a live station for dessert is a good idea. Carnival-like desserts, like popcorn, ice cream scoop bars, candy floss bars, cupcakes or traditional milk tards.

Have an ice cream cart or a dessert food truck where your guests can order their own delicious dessert. These days there are amazing options to choose from.  An example is Las Paletas, an artisan ice lolly vendor making the most scrumptious gourmet ice cream and sorbet flavours, such as salted caramel and Belgian chocolate brownies.

unique dessert wedding trends 2020 unique dessert wedding trends 2020 unique dessert wedding trends 2020

6. Late-Night Snacks:

This will ALWAYS remain popular. It would be recommended to only serve the late-night snacks for only 50% of your guests because first of all, most of your guests have left by then. Don’t serve it at midnight, 2 am or is the new midnight. Nobody is going to eat it at midnight because they have already had an entire main course meal and will still be full. Serve it at 2 am, 3 am or while people are walking out, otherwise you’re wasting your money!chicken nuggets french fries wedding food

What do you think of these Wedding Food Trends?

Let us know what you think and which of these ideas you’d like to serve at your wedding. And THANKS to Johnny Hamman for the amazing advice! Head over to our YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week.

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