Wedding Cake Ideas

Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, finding the perfect wedding cake is without a doubt one of the most exciting and delicious parts of planning your wedding! Not only are wedding cakes incredibly tasty, they are also very beautiful and add an extra little bit of magic to your big day here you will find some Wedding Cake Ideas. Wedding cake flavours have multiplied over the past few years. Why not add a unique and quirky element to your wedding by having a deliciously different wedding cake flavour? Your guests will most certainly leave your wedding with a wonderful taste in their mouth!

Wedding Cake Ideas!

1. Pink Champagne

Celebrate your wedding day with a pink champagne cake! The secret ingredient, you ask? Simple – instead of adding water to the batter, use champagne. Finish this deliciously different cake off with raspberry mousse and vanilla buttercream, a favourite for all the girly brides out there who want a pink wedding cake.

Pink Champagne CakeImage Source: Kara’s Couture Cakes

2. Luscious Lemon

A luscious lemon cake is perfect for summer weddings – tasty and refreshing. Create layers of lemon cake combined with sweet berry compote for a totally laid-back last course. Tip: You can easily add extra fruits to the filling with this one, such as fresh blueberries.

Lemon Wedding Cake | Wedding cake flavor Image Source: Well Plated

3. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier withholds strong citrus flavours, so adding a splash of this tasty cognac to a simple cake creates dimension as well as a “holiday feel.” Not crazy about the thought of adding cognac? Use brandy as a substitution to amplify this wedding cake flavour!

Grand Marnier Wedding Cake FlavourImage Source: A Beautiful Plate

4. Hazelnut Almond

Are you nutty about wedding cakes? Try a hazelnut-almond cake filled with dark chocolate ganache, mocha buttercream and raspberry preserves. Alternatively, go for a nutty finish with almonds sprinkled over.

Hazelnut Almond Flavour CakeImage Source: Baking Magique 

5. Ginger Spice

This one is for the couples that think that spice is nice. How to achieve a flavourful dessert without allowing the ginger to overpower the taste? Serve with real maple frosting and vanilla bean icing along with a little cup of strong hot chocolate. Top off the frosting with walnuts for an added crunch. Perfect for winter weddings.

Ginger Spice Cake FlavourImage Source: Chef in Training

6. Spiked Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is by far one of the biggest crowd pleasers when it comes to wedding cake flavours and Wedding Cake Ideas! In our opinion, a smooth cream cheese frosting is just about one of the best things in this world, however, if your planning to turn it up a notch, why not add a splash of amaretto? Sweet and delicious!

Spiked Red Velvet CakeImage Source: Betty Crocker

7. Coffee and Cream

Try a chocolate cake topped with coffee buttercream for a buzz-worthy dessert. Incorporate a coffee-meringue buttercream, espresso-Kahlua ganache and hazelnut mousse. What can be more divine?

Coffee and Cream Wedding CakeImage Source: The Little Epicurean 

8. Banana Foster

Just the name alone was enough motivation for us to find you a recipe for your wedding day! Try combining a butter cake with a caramel-and-banana filling, plus rum and cinnamon.

Banana Toffee Wedding Cake FlavourImage Source: Pinterest 

9. Caramelized Vanilla

Do you love classic vanilla but are looking for a way to make it your own on your wedding day? Here’s a little twist: add salted caramel buttercream and whipped dark chocolate ganache.

Vanilla Caramel Wedding Cake FlavourImage Source: A Cookie named Desire

10. Peanut Butter Cake

We know that everybody loves peanut butter. Do you want to let it feature on your wedding day? Say no more! Layer a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate and peanut butter ganache.

Peanut Butter Wedding CakeImage Source: Life Love and Sugar

11. Key Lime

We absolutely adore the sweet and sour taste of the key-lime pie. If you have a specific pie in mind that is your favourite, find a way of incorporating it into your dessert, you don’t have to stick to tradition. Get a decadent cake topped with key-lime buttercream and cinnamon crumbles to mimic a classic pie crust.

Key Lime Cake FlavourImage Source: Your Home Based Mom

12. Caramel Apple Cake

Are you having an autumn wedding? Try apple spice cake with caramel buttercream frost and brown-sugar mouse. We can see these flavours working for a colder wedding in a rustic venue with a cup of hot chocolate.

Caramel Apple Wedding Cake FlavourImage Source: Life Love and Sugar 

13. Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl

Get the best of both worlds with chocolate and vanilla cakes layered with chocolate buttercream, plus mocha mousse. We love this idea of this wedding cake flavour – can we have seconds?

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Textured CakeImage Source: Pinterest 

14. Oreo Cake

Oreo is most definitely one of the best flavours in the entire world. Try layers of chocolate cake with an Oreo ganache and chocolate frosting. Finish this delicious dessert off with Oreo crumbs and white chocolate bits on top!

Oreo Cake FlavourImage Source: Copy Me That

15. Lemon-Thyme

This decadent masterpiece, a lemon, poppyseed and thyme cake, alternates layers of lemon curd and vanilla buttercream. The finishing touches: more buttercream, candied citrus, and sugared lemon- thyme sprigs.

Lemon Poppyseed CakeImage Source: She wears many Hats

16. Scrumptious S’Mores Cake

This cake will take you back to your childhood, sitting around the fire and making s’mores. This confection combines graham cake with chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and vanilla buttercream. If you want to add a perfect finishing touch, try toasting the meringue frosting with a chef’s torch for that straight-from-the-campfire flavour.

smores cake chocolate marshmellowImage Source: Reddit

17. Passion Fruit and Lime

Think of this as the food equivalent of the most incredible tropical drink you’ve ever had. While you’re at it, picture yourself on the beach as the sun sets and the sky turns pink – vanilla cake brushed with lime syrup and filled with passion fruit curd, all smothered in passion fruit buttercream.

Passion Fruit Granadilla Cake FlavourImage Source: Taste 

18. Blueberry and Coconut

As if coconut cake dotted with blueberries wasn’t decadent enough, this cake features coconut buttercream, blueberry preserves, and fresh orange curd.

Blueberry and coconut cakeImage Source: Baker by Nature

19. Toffee Temptation

Sweet tooth? For this incredibly tasty cake, a vanilla batter is blended with finely chopped dates and then baked. While the cake is still warm from the oven, spread sticky-toffee sauce over it before filling it with bourbon-laced brown-sugar buttercream. One of our favourite wedding cake flavours of all time!

Chocolate Toffee Wedding Cake IdeasImage Source: Sunday Baking

20. Cherry Blossom

Half fruity and half floral, this unique dessert has a light, refreshing taste and a delicate flavour. Combine layers of strawberry and vanilla with rose ganache and frosting on top. Definitely one of our favourites!

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake IdeasImage Source: Serious Eats

21. Zesty Mexican Hot Chocolate

With this fun and unique dessert, chilli powder is the secret ingredient. To give the cake a bit of a kick, spread dark-chocolate buttercream spiked with chilli between slabs of cinnamon-vanilla cake. Chilli and chocolate is definitely a winning combination, muy delicioso!

Chili Chocolate Wedding Cake IdeasImage Source: Martha Stewart 

22. Rose Petal

A couple of drops of rose-petal extract give this dessert a Turkish-delight-like flavour. Just add one drop of the floral extract to 1 cup of buttercream. Crazy about Turkish delight? So are we.

Rose Flavour Wedding Cake IdeasImage Source: Rubys of London 

23. Heavenly Creme Brûlée

Vanilla bean pastry cream meets white butter cake in this take on the French classic. Add a layer of caramel buttercream, frost the whole shebang with more of the same, and garnish each slice with a caramel shard.

Creme Brulee Flavour Wedding Cake IdeasImage Source: Pinterest 

24. Rasberry Ombre Wedding Cake Ideas 

Step away from the traditional chocolate cake by going for a pretty ombré raspberry buttercream topped with a pile of fresh berries.So many wedding cake flavours in one – perfection!

Raspberry Ombre Wedding cake ideasImage Source: Pinterest

25. Honey-Soaked Cardamom and Plums

If you’re unfamiliar with cardamom, it’s time to get familiar according to Cake Life Bake Shop! It’s a South Asian spice with a citrusy taste that pairs perfectly with seasonal plums.

Honey Plum Wedding cake ideasImage Source: Pinterest 

26. Honey and Lavender

White wine and cheese—normal for happy hour, not so normal for a wedding cake. But don’t doubt this vanilla cake soaked in honey-lavender-white wine with honey-goat cheese frosting. This wedding cake flavour tastes just as amazing as it looks.

Honey Lavender Wedding cake ideasImage Source: Pinterest

27. Pumpkin and Maple Cream Wedding Cake Ideas

Calling all pumpkin-loving brides: Maple-soaked pumpkin cake with maple-cream cheese frosting is real and it’s calling your name.

pumpkin wedding cake ideasImage Source: The Novice Chef Blog

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