12 Different Wedding Cake Patterns

Wedding Cake Patterns

When it comes to decorative wedding cake patterns (other than sugar flowers, or toppers) there are so many options to chose from, so we picked our favourites for you to make it easier. These particular techniques are mainly fondant-based, as that gives the cake decorator the best canvas for incredible decorations. You don’t even have to choose just one! These techniques can work really well together to make a spectacular cake your guests will be sure to remember. Let The Turquoise Squirrel Patisserie guide you with which techniques will look stunning and compliment the feel and style of your big day.

1) Ruffle Pattern

Ruffles add a stunning visual interest and feminine softness. They can oftentimes mimic the look of fabric and create a gorgeous play between light and shadows.

2) Textured fondant

 To create visual interest, the fondant can sometimes be applied in unusual ways, such as letting it crack on purpose, or with a torn fondant edge, or patterns that have been embossed into the surface.

3) Bas relief

This technique, though borrowed from sculptural art, is a technique that is very much in fashion. It creates beautiful dainty textures on a cake, and can add visual interest. It is often a very organic-looking design… it seems as if the design is emerging out of the cake.

4) Appliqué

Fondant is moulded, cut out or shaped, and then attached to the cake to create beautiful patterns or highlights. The possibilities when it comes to fondant appliqué are pretty much endless, and they can range from modern geometric designs to baroque opulent finishes.

5) Cake Piping

Piping with royal icing is a very traditional technique. It doesn’t have to be old-fashioned though! There are many beautiful examples of piping where a monogram stands out more, or a dress lace or design has been interpreted and piped onto the cake.

6) Lace designs

Edible lace is a wonderful material that can add timeless elegance to your cake. It adds a fabric-like quality with really dainty designs. In combination with Royal icing piping, it is possible to evoke patterns on the bride’s dress.

7) Beading Pattern

If you want a very elegant and classic cake design, then beading might be a great option for you. Little edible sugar pearls or moulded fondant pearls (often they that have a gorgeous lustre), get placed on the cake to bedazzle it subtly. The beads can add a stunning softness and elegance to a cake design. They can even be incorporated to mimic beading on the bride’s dress.

8) Geode Slice

The geode design is very elegant and glamorous, yet has a certain magical element to it. It is all made from sugar, so it is actually edible!

9) Hand Painted Textures

 This is where the artistic skills of your cake decorator will be challenged. Fondant acts as a canvas, and can be painted on with edible colours, with incredible results. Each piece is unique, and has a truly artistic flair. It can also be used to create a very graphic look, for example if you ask your cake decorator to copy and hand paint your Monogram onto the cake.

10) Edible Prints

 A cake tier can be covered in a beautiful and clean edible print, whether it be a pattern or floral design, it is a gorgeous way to create a very modern and clean design, with graphic qualities. It is a great way to include patterns from your stationary onto the cake.

11) Wafer Paper

Wafer paper is a fairly recent material to be included in wedding cake designs. It has a very modern, airy and light feel to it, and can sometimes almost look architectural. On the other hand it can form gorgeous organic shapes too, depending on the way it was used.

12) Stenciling

A Stencil is placed over the fondant and royal icing is spread evenly over the stencil to create gorgeous stenciled wedding cake patterns. They create a beautiful clean look and depending on the stencil design, can range from a modern geometric effect to more classical lace designs.

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