Budget Talk: Wedding Insurance

Budget Talk: Wedding Insurance

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but unfortunately also one of the most expensive. This is why planning your wedding is so important, to make sure everything is budgeted for and runs smoothly. However, no matter how well prepared you are – things do not always happen as planned.

What is Wedding Insurance?

There are lots of unforeseen factors that can throw a spanner in the works; weather cancellations, vendor cancellation or rearrangement, failure of suppliers, loss or damage to your wedding dress or clothing, wedding gifts, wedding rings, wedding flowers, wedding attendants’ gifts, wedding cake, hired wedding cars and transport excess waiver, wedding photography and video, wedding stationery. To help protect the couple in these cases, WedSafe has launched new insurance policies, especially for Weddings!

This extra layer of protection will give you the peace of mind to go ahead with your planning, knowing that you will be covered should something happen. This is a great relief when you take into consideration the large amounts of money you will be spending on your special day.

Stories from Real Couples:

Bachelor’s Hijinks Leads to Cancelled Wedding

A groom had his bachelors and was involved in a bar fight two days before the wedding. Following the fight, he ended up in hospital, with his lip split in two and ended up requiring reconstructive surgery on his face. Leading up to the wedding date, people had flown to South Africa from overseas and the food was purchased for their wedding reception. The wedding venue charged full venue fee, which the couple was responsible for.
WedSafe covers the full costs for irrecoverable expenses following the injury of a prospective marriage partner if the decision is to cancel the wedding altogether.


Flights Cancelled due to Adverse Weather

With more than half of their guests travelling from overseas, plans were curtailed by a volcanic eruption. All air traffic was grounded and the international guests could not make the wedding in time. Everything had to be postponed and rearranged. The venue still charged full venue fee which the couple were liable for.
WedSafe provides cover for your inability or that of any of your close relatives or a significant number of guests (over 50%) to reach the wedding venue due to adverse weather conditions or natural catastrophe.

Wedding Cancelled Due to Death of a Partner

In a very tragic accident, the bride passed away, two weeks prior to the wedding. The venue could not waive their entire venue fee however they did provide a discount given to the nature of the circumstances.
WedSafe provides cover following the death of a prospective marriage partner.


Consider Getting Wedding Insurance

Of course, we hope everyone’s wedding day goes without a hitch and you won’t need to make a claim. But, in the event that something does happen, it is better to be safe than sorry. Getting financial coverage is always a good idea – you insure your house, car and belongings – so why not your wedding day? For more information on what is covered by these policies, the cost of insurance and how to claim, contact WedSafe – wedsafe.co.za.