Bridal Underwear

Bridal Underwear / Lingerie – it is sometimes overlooked with all the focus on the wedding dress, but what you wear underneath your wedding dress is just as important, if not more. Below are a couple of tips to help you choose the perfect bridal underwear/lingerie.

Bridal Underwear

Choosing the Right Style

You want to focus on what part of your body you feel is your best asset and emphasise it. There are so many styles of bridal underwear out there, selecting one can be overwhelming! Choose something that you feel comfortable in – that is so very important. You must feel comfortable with your body to feel good about yourself. Corsets and bodies sculpt your figure to make you feel confident.

Bridal Underwear

Colour of Lingerie

Match the colour of your bra to the colour of your skin or the colour of the dress. Otherwise, your bridal underwear may show through the fabric. Ivory and nude is always a good choice!

Create a Smooth Silhouette

Look for seamless bras, especially if you have a gown made of lightweight fabric. You might be able to get away with a standard bra if your gown is made of heavier material, but you must make sure that no straps or other lines show through.

Bridal Underwear

Focus on Support.

During your ceremony, support and comfort are more important than sexiness. The last thing you need on your big day is to worry about sagging or falling out of your gown. Make sure that the lingerie is lined with soft cotton or something similar, so that it feels delicate on the skin.

Wear comfortable panties during the ceremony.

You won’t be able to read with creeping panties while you say your vows, so if you choose something uncomfortable, you’ll have to stay uncomfortable. Since weddings and receptions can take a while, this is best avoided. Wear a panty style you know you feel comfortable in rather than choosing a different type for the sake of being sultry.

Hosiery Options

Keep things simple with sheer pantyhose. A standard nude pantyhose smoothes out your legs for the ceremony. It may not be the sultriest of options, but it will promote a smooth silhouette.

Create a sexier look with garter belts and stockings. Some brides can get away with this during the wedding if they have a full skirt, but otherwise, you can easily slip into this for the wedding night. Garters and garter belts are also a good option.

Bridal Underwear

What type of Bridal Underwear should you go for on your wedding day?

There are two types of bridal underwear / lingerie: what you wear for your wedding day, and what you wear for your wedding night. For the ceremony itself, focus on undergarments that offer comfort and support. When you and your new husband can enjoy some alone time, slip into something with a little more edge. Ribbons, lace, and other seductive details may ruin your smooth silhouette during the ceremony. Save these details for when you and your new husband can enjoy each other privately.

Bridal Underwear

Bridal Underwear / Lingerie Checklist

Make a checklist of the lingerie you need. Doing so may help reduce your stress level since you already have a lot to remember as you plan your big day.

Here is your bridal underwear checklist:

  • Ceremony bra
  • Wedding night bra
  • Ceremony panties
  • Wedding night panties
  • Hosiery
  • Garter belt
  • Slimmers and shapers
  • Corset, bustier

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Article by Vanita’ Italian Couture Lingerie

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