5 Tips to Remember When Buying your Bridal Shoes

5 Tips to Remember When Buying your Bridal Shoes

Buying your bridal shoes is a very important part of getting your ideal look for your special day. But before you go out and start shopping, remember there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that you have a perfect, painless wedding day. We have compiled a list of 5 top tips to remember when buying your bridal shoes:

1. Go for Your Dream Shoes!

You should feel beautiful in your shoes. Even if your dress is floor-length, your guests will occasionally get glimpses of your feet. Choose an exquisite pair that you’ll love for years. If ever there is a time to splurge on a stunning pair of shoes, it is your wedding day!

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2. Don’t Ignore Comfort

Don’t fall into the trap of buying gorgeous shoes that you can’t even stand in. Remember, you’re going to have to stand and pose for a lot of wedding photographs, dance, not to mention walking down the aisle. The last thing you want is to wobble your way down the aisle.

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3. Break them in

Don’t make the mistake of wearing your wedding shoes for the first time on your big day. In order to protect them from getting scuffed or dirty before the big day, just wear them around the house on a carpet for a few weeks prior to your wedding day, so they’ll have moulded to your feet and will become much more comfortable.

4. Find Shoes to Match Your Dress

Matching your shoes to your dress is a big factor in having a polished look. But in saying this, a pop of colour will look just as fab! We have a great blog to help you choose matching shoes.

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5. Adjust your Dress Length

Depending on the style of your dress, you might need to have the length of your dress adjusted slightly to fit. Your dressmaker will need to know your heel height so they can make the final adjustments to your dress’ length before your wedding day.


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Written by: Christiaan Michael, for Pink Book


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