10 Wedding Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate!

10 Wedding Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate!

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. The question on everyone’s mind; how do you make yours memorable and stand out from others? We have compiled a list of 10 wedding gift ideas to inspire you because detail plays a major role in your wedding day.

Gone are the days where you buy items as is, and in are the days where you have them made with your initials, pictures, sayings and a special touch. Detail is what your guests are going to notice when they sit down at their table and what they will be taking home with them. Make sure your wedding favours include a personalised touch like a monogram of your initials.

Show friends and family you care with something personalised or applicable to them. Something they can keep and use again. Personalised décor items will be a memory for you as well. e.g. engraving your bridal champagne glasses with a personalised monogram can be something you keep to celebrate your anniversary every year. Or, a gift envelope box with a special message on can be kept for a memory box afterwards.

This may seem daunting and as if it could cost a fortune. But these days, there are so many businesses specialising in creating personalised gifts and décor. So find one, call them and enjoy making these special memories!

10 Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Spice It Up

the perfect blend wedding favour

hot sauce wedding favour hot sauce bottle gifts

ketchup wedding favour

2. Together in Sickness and in Health

in sickness and health wedding gifts sickness health gift ideas

3. Let’s Get Tipsy

shot wedding favours

alice in wonderland wedding favour ideas drink me wedding gift

mini alcohol bottles wedding gift ideas

4. Give a Little

Donation wedding gifts

wedding charity donations

5. Let them Sea your Love

body butter wedding gifts

beach bottles wedding gifts sea salt wedding favour

6. Winter Warmers

hot chocolate wedding favour ideas love is brewing wedding favour

wedding blanket favours

pinecone wedding gift winter wedding gifts

7. Take a Trip

travel wedding favours

compass wedding favour let the adventure begin wedding gift

8. Something Sweet

wedding favours cookies

candy wedding favours honey wedding favour

sherbert wedding gift ideas

meant to bee wedding gifts pie wedding favours

macaron wedding favours

9. Something Salty

biltong wedding gifts

nuts about each other wedding gifts nuts wedding favours

popcorn wedding favours

10. Let Love Grow

happily ever after bottled wedding gifts succulent wedding favours

pampoentjie wedding favour

floral wedding name place cards plants wedding favours


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