Kids at Weddings

Kids at Weddings

South Africa’s elite wedding planners tackle one of the most debated subjects when it comes to weddings; should you have kids at your wedding or not? If you are inviting children to your wedding then this blog gives you great tips and advice on how to keep your youngest wedding guests well-fed, busy and safe on your special day.

Should You Have Kids At Your Wedding?

Deciding whether to have kids at your wedding or not is a very tricky question. If they are very special to you, you should definitely include them. Kids are definitely adorable at a wedding. Getting married is a dream for a lot of people and the innocence of kids being in that moment makes it extra special.


Including Children in the Wedding Ceremony: Page Boys & Flower Girls

If you have kids of your own, or close family ties, you might decide to have children as part of your wedding party. A dashing young ring bearer or sweet little flower girls. If you do decide to go this way, it is recommended that the kids at the wedding don’t get ready with the bridal party. Rather get them dressed and ready just before the ceremony to avoid any stress.

ring bearer kids at weddings page boy
The Age of The Children Invited

You should definitely think about the ages of the kids you’re inviting. Anything from newborn up until five or six is not recommended. From the age of six upwards is a really good age because then they will know what is going on and appreciate being apart of your wedding day! It’s really nice to give them certain roles on the day whether it’s at the ceremony as page boys or flower girl etc.

page boy and flower girl

adorable flower girl with flower crown


Keeping the Kids Entertained During Reception

A lot of venues book a separate room for the kids so that they can watch a movie, play games, lucky packets and kids meal. These rooms are usually close-by for any of the parents who are worried. This type of setting with a separate kids area will be way more enjoyable than sitting at the adult’s table and pretending to be grown-ups. If you make sure there is someone looking after the kids and you put a plan in place, it’s a great idea. But the kids-table idea is most effective if there is someone to supervise them.

cute child at a wedding table

However, if the children are going to sit down, it’s recommended to have them sit with their parents. When they sit on their own without supervision there is no control over them. They start running around, making noise and then the parents don’t want to get up in the middle of the ceremony to take them out. We all know they have a short attention span, so it’s a really good idea to give them activities or something to keep them busy.

keeping kids entertained at a weddingchildrens play area

It would also be recommended to communicate with the people who are bringing their children to bring their own nannies. If they can’t, there are amazing qualified babysitting companies. They will actually work out their own entertainment for the children. On the other hand, catering for the kinds.  Do not give the kids the same food as the rest of the guests but rather something that is kid-friendly. Kids are not complicated, they just want something yummy and small. Something that is familiar to them is always suggested.

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