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Once you’ve got your wedding dress and wedding suit sorted, it’s time to shop for accessories! From your wedding shoes to hair accessories, bride and bridesmaids robes and more. And for the gents, bowties, cufflinks, etc. Get all your wedding accessories from the awesome vendors below. And one of the most symbolic elements of your wedding – and your marriage to follow – is the wedding ring!

The age-old tradition of exchanging Wedding Rings have a very special meaning. The ring, essentially a circle, is an ancient symbol of wholeness and peace. It also represents the boundaries of marriage that both parties will respect when they vow their everlasting allegiance to each other. Check out our Wedding Ring 101 Guide. No wonder people make such a fuss about their rings.  Don’t forget that you will most probably wear your ring for quite a number of years, if not until the day you die!  It has never been easy to make such life-long decisions.

Listed on this page, you will also find ring makers and jewellers across South Africa. These top-quality vendors are specialists in making rings from all materials, shapes and sizes and have proven to produce products of high quality.

Wedding Rings & Accessories in South Africa

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Wedding Veils, Tiaras & Hair Accessories:

Wedding Accessories are what you use to add the finishing touches to your wedding day look. While the wedding dress and hair and makeup make the look, the accessories are like the ribbon on a present or the icing on the cake – incomplete without it!

Whether you prefer to keep your look simple or go all out with a princess tiara – each bride has her own style. To get some inspiration, have a look at some of these popular blogs:

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