The latest trends in Wedding Invitations:

In the modern day-and-age, everything is changing, and that even extends to wedding invitations. It is becoming more popular for couples to send out email invites and using wedding websites to take care of their guestlist admin. These types of websites usually include a form that the guests can fill in to indicate whether they are attending or not – and the couple gets notified immediately.

If you are tech-savvy, this might be something you would want to consider. But keep in mind that some of your older guests, might not have email addresses! (Don’t forget to invite grandma!) Sometimes a classic wedding invitation card in the mail is more suitable. Not only are these cards more tangible, they can be kept for years to come as a treasured keepsake of your special day.

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3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Stationery:

1. Match all your stationery

When you pick the design for your wedding invites, make sure that you keep that design for all of your other wedding stationery items. This includes your envelopes, menus, seating cards, etc. Having a matching set creates a unified theme for your special day.

matching wedding stationery sets

2. Choose a Single Design Element

You might be tempted to try and squish in all of the awesome and creative elements of your wedding theme into your invites, but don’t! Your invitations will end up looking cluttered and messy. Instead, try picking a single element of your theme and let that carry through on all of the stationery items. Your guests don’t need to see all the animals, tribal patterns, the silhouette of the continent and the SA Flag to guess that your wedding theme is African. Rather keep it simple and elegant.

3. Feature your Photos

If you did an engagement shoot, or if you perhaps have a professionally done couples photo shoot – why not incorporate those into your save-the-dates? A simple picture of you as a couple with plain text elements can end up looking stunning! And people are more inclined to save the photo as a keepsake of your special day. But make sure you get a great graphic designer to help you with the designs otherwise, it can end up looking tacky and old-fashioned.


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More Wedding Planning Tips:


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