Key Items For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kit

Not much of a reader? No problem, have a look at the video version from Jadee McGowan:

1. Stain removing Wipes:

Imagine you accidentally mess wine or really anything on your dress and you haven’t even started your special day. These wipes are locally manufactured from Woolworths.

2. Wet Wipes:

These wipes are super small and compact, so it can easily fit into your or your bridesmaid’s handbag. These wipes are great for cleaning your hands and more. We all know how it would end if you have makeup hands with your white dress. Not a good combination.

3. & 4. Lint Roller & Mini Brush:

Your venue might have dogs or animals on the site or perhaps you have decided to bring your dogs. This is exceptional for removing any hair from your dress/suit.

5. Safety Pins:

These pins are usually carried around by professional planners and even by photographers. They can be used when your/your bridesmaid’s dress ripes. Safety pins can be useful for various reasons.

6. Clear Pins:

If one of your bridesmaid’s dresses keep sliding down, you can use these pins to keep everything in place and even for covering things like buttonholes.

7. Compact Sewing Kit:

There are loads of obvious reasons to bring this kit with you on your wedding day. Anything can happen! For example, if your dress rips. This sewing kit is small and easy to carry with you.

8.Pocket Tissues:

We all know this is a big day! You and some family members might get a bit emotional through the speeches, you can just pull this out from your bridesmaid’s bag. The more obvious reason, you don’t want a runny nose when having your photoshoot/throughout the day.

9. Flip Flops:

This is personally one of my favourites. When a bride/bridesmaid has sore feet, these will come in handy. It’s never a good idea to walk barefoot, for there might be broken glass or sharp objects that can lead to nasty cuts.

10.Cable Ties:

Cable ties can be used for absolutely anything. Very common behind the scenes. For example, attaching your flowers to your wedding arch.

11. Duct Tape:

If any carpets keep lifting or there are cables that people might trip over. Duct tape is a great way to keep it down and save for your guests to walk over comfortably. Preventing accidents is always good. Duct tape can also be used to remove dust from your groom’s suit or even if a heel brakes, you can just stick it back for the day.

12. Nail Glue:

If you have any nail problem. For bridesmaids have false nails or nail extensions, it’s always a good idea to carry nail glue with you through the day. You don’t want a nail to pop off before your photoshoot.

13. Baby Powder:

You need to have this on you in case of an emergency. Baby powder helps to break the static of the dress against your skin and also really good to stop perspiration. Again there is plenty of uses for baby powder.

14. Water Spray:

Water spray is excellent for keeping you fresh, hydrated and plumed up. This is the Evian product if you struggle to find this particular one you can also get ‘Mac fixer’. Perfect size to fit into your bridesmaid’s handbag.

15.Makeup Blender:

When you find yourself very hot and bothered this would be really nice to keep on hand for your make up during the day. You would just take this and dab it on your skin.

16. Dry Shampoo:

You get a few different retailing brands. The Batiste brand is the smallest and most handbag friendly one. If you have your hair in a beautiful upstyle and want to shake it out and take it down, this is a great refresher for your hair.

17. Bun Shaper:

These will come in handy if you’re doing DIY hairstyling for your bridesmaids. They’re available at all retails. Most of you will know about this product. It is used to make beautiful buns and can also be used to fill up your hair if you don’t have extensions.

18.Mini Comb / Brush:

If you had your hair in an up-style and want to put it in a down-style, you would want to keep the mini brush as a backup to keep your hair tidy and neat. You wouldn’t want a messy or bad hair on your wedding day. 

19. Hair Elastics:

It’s always good to have various elastic colours for blonde, black and brown hair.  Let’s say one of your bridesmaid’s elastics brakes or you decide to rather have their hair in an upstyle.

20. Hair Clips:

Again make sure to have different hair clips. For instance, if you have a down-style and you feel like putting your hair in a lovely up-style.

21. Eye Liner

Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil are crucial for the touch up of your eye makeup just before you go for your photoshoot. Make sure your makeup is flawless for perfect photo results.

22.Eyebrow Pencil:

it’s always a good idea to keep eyeliner and eyebrow pencil with you on your wedding day so that you can touch up your makeup just before your photoshoot. We all know this is a very emotional day, you will have the need to reapply your eyeliner after a few tears.

23. Mascara:

We all know this is a very emotional day, so if you cry you would need the mascara in your emergency kit for your touch up. You want to draw attention to your eyes by making sure your mascara is beautifully touched up before your photoshoot.

24. Eyebrow Tweezer:

If you are wearing eyelash extensions, a eyebrow tweezer is always good to have in your DIY kit. Imagine you are on your way to your photoshoot and one lash pops off. You can just reapply with the tweezer. The tweezer can even be used if anyone gets a splinter.

25. Eyelashes:

Imagine you lose one eyelash right before your photoshoot or before the day has even started. It is always good to keep an extra pair of eyelashes on you through your day. It’s always good to prevent complications.

26. Facial Wipes:

You definitely need facial wipes! If you want to clean your face right before applying your makeup, these wipes will be very useful.

27. Micellar cleansing Water:

Micellar is defiantly recommended for people with sensitive or dry skin. Cleansing water doesn’t only moisturize and refreshes your face but also removes makeup.

28. Feminine Hygiene Products:

This is something ladies mostly forget and we all know it can become quite a situation! Things do happen and it’s always a great idea to keep this on you for in case of an emergency.

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