DIY Cake Pops for your Wedding day

DIY Cake Pops

Want to save money and do your own dessert for your wedding? In this video, Nikki from Sweet Lionheart does a step-by-step illustration of delicious DIY cake pops.

Your mixture would be the following

DIY Cake Pops

Step 1:
  1. Mix listed ingredients in a bowl until you get the right consistency. (The ganache serves to bind the mixture together.)
Step 2:
  1. Once your mixture is well combined and it is not sticking to your hands, you can mould the mixture. It holds its shape really nicely when rolled in between your palms, which means you can mould it into shapes. It needs to be a happy balance between the two.

NB: Ensure your mixture is not to wet or to dryMaking Cake Pops

Rolling DIY Cake pops

Step 3:
  1. Insert your stick to transform it into cake pops.
  2. Use a mini magnum ice cream for your shape and any mould that you are able to source from your local baking store.

Tip: You can create balls with your hands and use skewers or lolly sticks. 

Step 4:
  1. Once you’ve got them moulded, pop them in the freezer for about 1/2 hours before dipping them.
  2. Once your pops have set nice and hard, place them on a plate and keep them in the fridge until your dip is ready.

Cake pops moulding tray

Step 5: 
  1. Place your chocolate in microwavable cups
  2. Stir in 10 seconds until smooth and runny

Once it’s nice and runny, you’re ready to dip. Tip: get creative by mixing two tones of chocolate for the marble effect. 

Step 6:
  1. Pour the two tones together and swirl gently
Step 7:
  1. Dip your cold pop into the melted chocolate. Make sure to swirl it around so that you get full coverage on the pop, as well as forcing the two colours to marble.
Step 8:

Let the excess drip off in the cup and scrape off what you can without exposing any cake at the base of the pop.

Step 9:
  1. Move them over to a surface that you don’t mind getting a little messy and start decorating. NB: Be sure to do this before the pop sets hard because once the chocolate is set, your sprinkles will no longer stick.

DIY Chocolate coved cake pops Chocolate Dip dessert

Step 10:
  1. As soon as you’re happy with your sprinkling, you can place your cake pop down on a non-stick surface.

The non-stick surface will make it easier to pick the pop up when your chocolate is set. The great thing about these pops is that you can use any colour palette that suits your wedding theme.

Here are 5 more tips from Sweet Lionheart
  1. Your pops can mimic your wedding cake flavours
  2. Decorate before the chocolate mixture sets
  3. Use your cake pops as wedding favours for your guests
  4. Store in an airtight container and keep it there at room temperature
  5. Serve within 5 days

DIY Wedding Tips grey and gold dessert

Let us know if you would do cake pops for your Wedding day? Visit our website for more DIY ideas for your wedding day.  And THANKS to Sweet Lionheart for the amazing advice on how to master your cake pop!

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