Tree of Life Wedding at Rockhaven Farm

Tree of Life Wedding at Rockhaven Farm

Margaux and Richard met through a mutual friend at a live music event on Bastille Day in Franschhoek. There was an immediate connection and after chatting for about five minutes he canned his lift home. As they say, the rest is history.  


We asked Margaux how Richard eventually proposed. Here what she said:

He surprised me with a night away at the Camps Bay Retreat for our four year anniversary. We were welcomed with arrival drinks, followed by a couples massage including a bubble bath, rose petals, champagne and a fruit platter. It was a beautiful winters evening and after a sunset drink, we had dinner. By this stage, I was excited at the thought of a possible proposal but didn’t want to get my hopes up… More champagne, dessert and a cosy fire awaited us in our room, where Richard got down on one knee and popped the question. According to my husband, my response of “that’s so sweet”, was not enough confirmation and he had to propose three times before getting the “Yes”.


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The Style Story: What was the theme of your wedding?

Our theme was ‘Tree of Life’, signifying the start of our life together. The initial inspiration for our theme was the beautiful old willow tree that overlooks the dam and boathouse at Rockhaven. We incorporated the tree theme into our invite, stationery and venue decor. Our colour scheme included pastels for the bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers and greenery throughout.


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Tell us about your dress

I got inspiration from a friend’s wedding dress and wanted something similar; soft, elegant and flowing. I also loved the idea of a low back and the fact that I didn’t want to get too hot in my dress as our wedding was in February. I choose Elbeth Gillis as I had seen other dresses and loved her style.


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How did you pick your photographer?

We’ve always admired our friend Hayley’s work and it was a no brainer to have her as our photographer. We love her unique creative documentary style of photography. We wanted our photos to capture the uniqueness and authenticity of our wedding instead of a collection of posed images.


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What made you choose your venue?

We decided to look exclusively in the Elgin Valley and Rockhaven was the clear favourite as it ticked all our boxes. We had been to Rockhaven previously for other weddings and loved the fact that the venue is surrounded by natural beauty. You don’t need much decor or extras with an incredible venue like Rockhaven. There was no need to hire many extras which saved us a lot of time and money. The venue also serves incredible food which was one of our pre-requisites. Liz, the owner and manager, is on-the-ball which meant we didn’t need to hire a wedding planner.


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Where did you cut costs – what is a good saving tip?

Although the little extras and finer details can be very special, they are often overlooked by guests. Our tip would be to focus your spending on what will make a difference to your day and to your guests. Often a wedding couple can get very stressed out or side-tracked keeping track of these extras. We instead wanted to focus as much on the moment as possible. You end up saving costs and your sanity!


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What did you splurge on?

Our main focus was venue, food, booze and DJ. We splurged our time on planning our vows and ceremony as well as making sure our guests were comfortable.


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What was the most difficult part of the planning process?

Something to keep in mind at all times is that the two of you are the most important people at the wedding, so remember to put your partner’s needs before others. There will always be emotions involved leading up to the wedding, try to take it with a pinch of salt and remember that your marriage is more important than the actual wedding. Deciding on our guest list was the most difficult part – This involved a lot of negotiating and many compromises from both sides!


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What was the Highlight of the day?

We put a lot of effort into the ceremony and our vows, this was a special part of the day. Our pre-marriage counselling sessions allowed us time to reflect on what a personal ceremony meant to us, as well as preparing for our marriage. The first two rows were filled with closest family and friends, who were asked to bless the rings and the marriage. (The gorgeous ring box belonged to Margaux’s grandmother). A close second was dancing under the stars with all our favourite people.


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Venue: Rockhaven Farm
Photographer: Hayley Takes Photos
Wedding Dress: Elbeth Gillis
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jacoba Clothing
Hair & Makeup: Cheryl Parker
Flowers & Decor: 4 Every Event
Cake: Sara’s Messy Kitchen



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