Starry Winter Wedding Theme Inspiration

Starry Winter Wedding Theme Inspiration

Pink Book teamed up with some of the most wonderful wedding vendors to create an astronomical winter wedding theme inspiration shoot. We drew inspiration from the romance of starry skies and winter nights. Pink Book along with the stunning Staci from De Uijlenes Forest and Barn Wedding Venue, who coordinated this magical starry winter wedding theme styled shoot, created something that is truly filled with warmth, love, passion and just a little bit of mystery. This stellar concept was perfectly showcased by The Husband and Wife Team’s Christien and Nel. They incorporated stunning gold and light elements to capture the look and feel of the beautiful night sky. The suits from Mr Suit Hire reflected the colour scheme, look and feel of this shoot beautifully as well. Find out what inspired our amazing collaborators below:

Venue & Coordinator – Staci from De Uijlenes Wedding Venue:

“I had such a fun time organizing the shoot, this is the first shoot I have coordinated and there is no way I could have done it without Pink Book’s help, but it was super fun! Working alongside some truly creative people and watching them have free reign on their creativity is super inspiring.

Doing this shoot has made me fall in love with the wedding industry all over again.  Not only do we get to work with amazing couples in our job, but we get to meet some pretty awesome vendors too.  Thanks to Pink Book for this inspiring opportunity!”

Wedding Dresses – Elizna Botha from Elizna Botha Bridal Wear:

“I was honoured to be invited and be a part of the starry-nights shoot at De Uijlenes. I absolutely love what I do and it was such a pleasure working with talented people who also truly love what they do. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  – Steve Jobs. My inspiration for the shoot was the season, Winter. I’ve recently spent some time in the USA during their winter season. In South Africa we are not used to snow in winter, there is something beautiful and magical about winter and especially snow. More and more brides choose to get married in the winter. For the shoot, I used lace, soft tulle’s and mesh in different shades of white (and oyster), flowy skirts and long-sleeved dresses.”

Decor, Styling, Cake – Christien – Husband & Wife Team:

“Starry winter night, filled with loads of lighting, candles, fires. We did a flower-less shoot as we wanted to focus more on lights and warmth, with two weddings every weekend, we also see a lot of wasted flowers and greenery the day after the wedding.

For the colour scheme, we went with some moody velvets, blues, greys and blacks, with a pop of Marsala here and there. The drinks scene was very relaxed with couches, cigars, a carpet, etc. Inspired by a gatsby lounge.

The ceremony scene for this winter wedding theme shoot was inspired by the urban wedding trends with cement blocks and old school chairs, concrete candle holders and a touch of the ever trending rose gold and navy popping out. Small details were added like antler horns and geometric shapes.
For the table scene, the first inspiration was a velvet draping and loads of candles. We tried something different by placing the naked bulbs straight onto the table. Napkins were navy and sky blue tie-dye to represent the night sky and go with the stationery theme. Guest favours were hot chocolate and coffee beans filled light bulb jars, perfect for the theme.”

Jewellery – Carla from AquaLilly Accessories:

“We were so thrilled when Pink Book contacted us to be a part of this dreamy styled shoot. The more they explained to us what they envisioned for the shoot, the more exciting it sounded. Stars and winter are two of my favourite things, after all. I drew inspiration for the jewellery for this starry winter wedding theme inspiration shoot from the dazzling, dreamy, ambiguity of galaxies. The star-inspired ring showcased by one of the gorgeous models, Karen, perfectly captured the celestial essence of this shoot, whereas the geometrical cube earrings and necklaces showcased the eccentricity, fluidity and phenomenal beauty of outer space.”


De Uijlenes Forest Venue:

wedding fruit

bachelors cigars

Stationery – Selmari from Selmari Slot Creative:

“I have always loved styled shoots, you can go creatively crazy and The Uijlenes Wedding Venue in Stanford was the perfect backdrop to realise all these ideas.

When I think about a romantic wedding night, I think about inky blue-black night skies highlighted with beautiful starry constellations. This was the basis for my inspiration.
My favourite element of the wedding stationery was the Clear Plexiglass menus with gold vinyl to add a bit of glimmer and class. The background of the menu was hand painted in blues and blacks to make the gold pop. Because the menu was so elaborate, I kept the rest of the wedding stationery elements simple with golden highlights here and there.

On the day experience:

As a wedding stationery designer, I never get to experience any of the on-the-day excitement, so styled shoots always gives me a small glimpse of what a wedding day will look like! The amazingly creative table decor, the beautiful makeup and hair, gorgeous wedding gowns, smiling ‘brides & grooms’ and professional videographers and photographer in the background capturing all the moments.
I was very fortunate to be able to join such a great group of talented creatives and for the shoot to be featured on The Pink Book!”

Makeup – Bernice from WM Makeup:

“Starry nights inspires feelings of cool, crisp air, powerful winds, clear dark skies and also for me, galaxies. I thought of all the different colours of the constellations and I played with blues, purples, different golds, silvers and, of course, glitter. I loved how one of the models was a redhead, it someone reminded me of Vincent and the song written about him, named Starry night. She had a flawless pale completion and it worked perfectly with the different shades of blue.”

Photography – Nelani from Nelani van Zyl Photography:

“Being a natural light photographer, one is really spoilt for choice at this venue. Even when not shooting natural light it’s not hard to find the perfect light in and around the venue. The venue is really stunningly versatile and offers such awesome options for brides, not only is it by far one of the most beautiful venues in Winter but in Summer the fields around it is a real treat.

When approached to do this shoot, I instantly said yes. I’m all for something different and unique and this theme is something I haven’t seen before at a wedding. I love the dark colour palette and the incredible lighting used, absolutely perfect for a winter wedding. With so many inspiration out there for brides, I’d really always suggest doing something that reflects your personalities and something that fits your wedding venue. A beautiful ambiance can be created easily with candles and cute details (like those lightbulbs) wedding decor doesn’t need to cost a fortune and I love how this shoot shows brides what can be done, and that different can be amazing when done well.

This shoot felt to me like the ultimate Wintery Feasts and I hope in future to see more winter weddings like this. ”

Videography – Thalia and John from Thalia and John Films:

“Nothing inspires thoughts of romanticism and love more than a gorgeous starry night sky shared with the one you love. Blue, silver, purple, and grey painted a muse for this stunning shoot. The two couples were equally handsome while bringing completely different elements to the table. Inspired by their personalities and the exquisite décor, capturing special moments was an incredibly enjoyable experience. Working with and witnessing Nelani van Zyl Photography’s style and attitude with regards to creativity was wonderful, and seeing the other vendors – hair, makeup, stationery, décor, cake – come to life was a privilege.”

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Starry Stationery:


De Uijlenes Barn Venue:

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De Uijlenes Cigar Lounge:

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Starry Winter Wedding Theme Collaborators: