Rustic Meets Glam Styled Shoot

Rustic Meets Glam Styled Shoot

Nadia from Bacht Design described in a few words how this photoshoot came together.

“This stylized wedding inspiration is for the bride and groom who colour outside the lines and think outside the box. A bride who wants to state het point of view. The world is changed by people who think differently, they are the game changers…. Washout them the world would surely be a boring place.”

Rustic Meets Glam Styled Shoot Theme

“I have wanted to organize a photo session for a long time and struggled with ideas because it seems to me that everyone is always the same and then I talked a little with my sister and then I thought what about a bride who has tattoos, a photo session that is accompanied by ” rustic, moody” and colorful style.”

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Inspiration for Brides

“Everyone always has the same “look”, in other words the brides with the soft elements and I wanted to take something different, because there are many brides who have tattoos and colorful hair color and don’t know how to apply the styles at their wedding and we wanted to help the brides with inspiration for something completely different, something completely unique and funky.”

Unique Wedding Style

“Something for the brides to let them not have to change their own personal unique style but live it. After I worked out the concept I immediately started talking to my suppliers, I used the service providers I know from using them who did my wedding or my sisters weddings. All of their work is just incredibly good and we all work so well together in a team, we understand each other’s feeling and style.

I feel the service providers I have chosen are some of the best in the industry and the service they provide is just incredible.”

The Perfect Wedding Decor

“We were looking for a striking and modern way to give our unique bride her perfect decor.

The bride, as you can see, has tattoos and a unique hair color. We decided to set our table in the beautiful chapel of Monte Bello Estate which has the incredible textured-rich focal wall of stone. With this in mind, we decided to make black part of the reason, black lends itself to a bit of drama and it is a striking and timeless colour.

With the shade of gold working perfectly against black it gave us an incredible element of surprise.”

Classic Chandeliers

“Because our bride used her black leather jacket and shoes, we also focused on bringing in leather elements on the table as we did with the placemats.

The flowers were texturally rich with fresh spring blossoms from the orchards. Different shades of pink and purple glass jars were used to form a table runner. Together with the classic chandeliers from the roof, it formed a soulful piece of beauty.

We believe that decor is all in the detail and that the exhibition is a breath of fresh air on wedding decor.”

Different Look To The Wedding Industry

“We decide to make black part because, black lends itself to a bit of drama and it is a striking and timeless colour. With the shade of gold working perfectly against black it gave us an incredible element of surprise.

Different shades of pink and purple were used because the bride’s hair is bright pink and we wanted to make it part of the style that gives a completely different look to the wedding industry. Even though the pink is so dominant, it is still such a unique element.”

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