12 Seasonal Wedding Colour Schemes to Inspire You

Are you looking for something to make your wedding stand out from all of the others? The first step towards achieving that goal is choosing unique wedding colours that reflect your individual style and personalities as a couple. The colour scheme for your wedding is what sets the mood and is also the first impression that your guests will get of your wedding, even before they notice the smaller details of your wedding day. You can draw inspiration for your colour scheme from many, many things such as your favourite colour, the season, the venue. You can also decide based on what kind of feel you want, do you want dark, moody colours or bright, joyful colours? Remember that the colour scheme you end up choosing will have a domino effect. It will influence things like your bridesmaids’ dresses and floral arrangements, decor and more. So this is a very important decision that needs to be made early on. To inspire you, we have put together a few combinations to match each season.


For the summer colours, we have chosen soft, bright and dreamy pallets. The natural light and warmth of this season is ideally complemented by subtle tones. Summer does not always have to be accompanied by harsh, loud colours. Pallet 1 combines the beach setting with fruity hues of strawberry and peaches. Although this colour scheme immediately brings to mind the sea – it doesn’t have to be limited to a beach wedding, it can work just as well for an indoor ceremony. Pallet 2 is a bright yellow colour scheme that works perfectly with a majority of white. Tie these colours in with daisy- or yellow rose flower arrangements and simple, light decor elements to create a welcoming, open space. Pallet 3 is a fairytale-inspired set of tones that combine soft pink, blue and beige to create a magical setting where dreams come true.


1.Strawberry, Peach Glow, Seafoam Green


2. Chartreuse, Bumblebee, Lemon Chiffon


3. Cornflower Blue, Baby Pink, Soft Sand


3 Autumn Wedding Colour Schemes:

Our autumn colour collections reflect the change in seasons with vibrant and contrasting combinations. Pallet 1 is designed to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a homey family dinner. The warm and honeyed selection of colours will be a nice respite from the dropping temperatures of the season. Pallet 2 is a play on the very popular burgundy and blue colour scheme. This is a rich theme that looks amazing with accents of cream and gold! A perfect combination of cool blues and warm reds. Pallet 3 is a classic fall selection that matches the colours of nature transitioning in autumn. This can also be a great colour combo if you are considering a rustic or vintage wedding theme because the rust colour ties in perfectly.


1. Pineapple, Butterscotch, Ginger Snap


2. Yale Blue, Garnet, Slate Grey


3. Crimson, Rust, Olive Green


3 Winter Wedding Colours:

For the chilly winter wedding colour schemes, we have chosen rich and warm tones. Warm colours tend to make spaces feel more intimate and cosier, which is exactly what you want for a wedding during this season. Pallet 1 features a stunning dark blue, supplemented by sandy beige colours reminiscent of a warm winter’s night. Pallet 2 is perfect for an outdoor winter wedding (sans rainfall.) These colours focus on the subtle hues of greenery during the colder months, complemented by deep red and soft pink rose tones. Pallet 3 brings to mind a setting of castles and royalty. The rich purple and cream complemented by the gold tones create a feeling of opulence and warmth.


1. Dark Blue, Dark Sahara, Sand Castle


2. Burgundy, Desert Rose, Basil


3. Regal Purple, Dijon Gold, Cream


3 Spring Colour Schemes:

Our Spring selection features beautiful colour choices reflecting fresh blooms and crisp greens.  Pallet 1 combines a bright blue, light green and pink, creating the feeling of a fresh cherry orchard. This is great for a wedding with an antique tea-party theme.  Pallet 2 is influenced by lavender fields and wooden textures. The purple combinations feature both warm and cool tones, matching the atmosphere and temperature of early spring perfectly.  Pallet 3 is inspired by the soft pastel colour range of an English garden filled with florals and roses.


1. Pink Lemonade, Pale Turquoise, Light Lime


2. Thistle, Lavender, Cool Ivory


3. Powder Blue, Blush, Mint Green


More Inspiration for Wedding Colours and Decor:

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