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Today we’d like to give you brides-to-be out there some wedding inspiration with this real wedding (and love story) of Marisca and Craig. This lucky couple won our “Win Your Wedding” competition in partnership with Rosemary Hill and to say that these picture brought tears to our eyes is a understatement. We hope you enjoy this real wedding blog; the first of many for 2022! Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 01

When Did You Meet And How Did He Propose?

What a lovely story to tell, being the fitness junkies we are, our stars just had to align in the gym when Craig gracefully slipped into my DM’s on Instagram telling me to smile when I train. The rest is history.

Craig proposed in 2019 and I would like to share the story with you that I shared with my friends and family.

Craig told me that he had booked us for an Open Water diving course. Terrified, I told him that sounds exciting! On our first day, we were given a lesson about the in’s and outs of diving and all the risks involved if you do not follow the rules. All I could think of is, “Great, so I could rupture my lungs or go deaf this holiday; Oh boy!” After sitting in the heat for about an hour, it was time to get into the pool with our complete suit.

I was unable to stay under the water for more than 2 minutes before having a minor panic attack and shooting straight up. After the 5th attempt the instructor told me that he needs to carry on with Craig and the other student but I can come down when I am ready, and if I still want to continue. The instructor, Morne, looked at me and asked if I wanted to try with him alone. I took a deep breath and said ok. I think I shot up another 5 times due to panic but eventually I managed to pass the first set of skills.

Fast forward two days and it was time for our final dive.The one that would mean that we are officially qualified. The one Craig has been planning for the past few months. The one I nearly did not do. The morning of the dive I was feeling awful. Sick. My ears were basically deaf from all the water from the previous dives. The wind was blowing and the sea was a little rough to say the least. Honestly, I was terrified! Just before we were suppose to kit up I started crying. I could not get the strength to get myself into that ocean. Poor Craig did not know what to do. A few minutes later I took a deep breath and started to kit up, “Just one more dive” I told myself. As soon as we got into the ocean I hit panic again. Morne held on to me, calmed me down and told me to just go down. Finally, I got myself down to the bottom of the ocean.

Then, for the first time it was Craigs turn to panic! We swam around, held hands here and there and we just enjoyed the beauty that surrounded us. Morne called Craig and myself together. Of course I thought to myself; “Seriously, you’re gonna make us do more skills after I just burst into tears up there!” He handed over some wet paper to Craig on which he wrote down the big question and handed it over to me. I had to read it twice to make sure I was not delusional. Apparently my whole body was swinging while I shook my head nodding; YES! We even managed to get a kiss in under water to seal the deal.

What Was The Style Or Inspiration For Your Wedding Day?

We are an easy-going couple and we are not the biggest fan of clutter, which inspired our simplistic yet rustic bohemian theme. The beautiful barn at Rosemary Hill in itself was a beautiful decorative element and the fairy lights all over set the mood. Craig and myself made our own candle holders and main table letters with cement and good old plastic bags and a few rocks from our garden for some texture. We had a lot of fun getting our hands messy while developing the necessary skills for a long-lasting marriage; Patience and Communication. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 02 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 03 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 04 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 05

Who Were Your Suppliers And Why Did You Choose Them?

We did not have many suppliers as we did most of our decorations and planning ourselves. Our beautiful venue was at Rosemary Hill Farm in Pretoria, and till this day I am forever grateful for all they have done for us. What many might not know is that we won our wedding from one of the Pink Book competitions in February 2020.

As soon as we had our date set the very first supplier, we contacted was Kevin from Big Day Symphony Wedding Films, he is all the way from PE but after seeing his work we just knew that we had to book with him. His videos are creatively put together, they take you on a journey. His beautiful wife, Paula from Paula Adams Photography did all our photos and we could not be happier. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 06 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 07 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 08 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 09

We then also worked with Wilde Bloem which is a supplier Rosemary Hill recommended and Rachelle was such a treat to deal with. Although we did not get a lot from her, she still guided us and helped us with the décor we had while advising on using some of hers.

I ordered my wedding bouquets from Meisiekind, their arrangements were breath-taking and they were very affordable. Since I bought all my dried palm leaves etc. from Mr. Price Home, it was very expensive to get a florist to do bouquets. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 010

Lastly, the wedding dress. What a story! I initially hired my wedding dress from a company in Joburg but after paying my full amount they sent out a mass email to all the brides stating that they closed permanently without refunding any of us. Thankfully God crossed my path with JJ from Esje’s Designs in Hartbeespoort and he saved the day while keeping within my tight budget after what happened. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 011 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 012

What Was The Highlight Of Your Wedding Day?

There were a few highlights but what stood out to both of us was the moment we got to stand in front of all our family and friends and make a promise to one another and to God.

Experience In Planning A Wedding During Lockdown?

Although it is incredibly difficult to do, remember that not everyone is going to agree with your ideas and the way you want to do things. Stick to what you and your husband dreamed of as the perfect day no matter how many people have opinions. They either had their day, or will still have their day, but this is your day.

  • Remember, your husband also has a picture of what he wants on his wedding day. Listen to his thoughts and add his ideas to the mix too.
  • If something goes wrong on the day, nobody is going to know but you.
  • Take it all in on the day and do not let stress ruin your day. I was very stressed; and looking back I regret not being fully present the day with my closest friends and family.

Be prepared to have things change last minute if you are still within lockdown territory. We moved our wedding three times. Yup, three times. We had to let over half our guests know before our wedding that they cannot attend due to restrictions. Of course, lockdown lifted a week before our wedding which made it too late to change back. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 013 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 014 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 015 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 016 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 017 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 018 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 019 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 020 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 021 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 022 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 023

Did You Do Anything Differently Compared To The Traditional Wedding Customs?

My husband’s mom walked him down the aisle before our bridesmaids walked in. In my heart I was truly saddened after attending wedding expos and seeing how few anyone worried about the groom. It felt like it was all about the bride which is so wrong. My husband deserved to be in the limelight too and that is why we changed things up a bit. Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 024 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 025 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 026 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 027 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 028 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 029 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 030 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 031 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 032 Win Your Wedding Rosemary Hill 034

Is There Anything You Would’ve Done Differently Looking Back?

Besides being a little stress ball on the day, not a single thing. Marrying my best friend was the most perfect day of my life.

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