A Different Kind of Fairytale Wedding

Louisa and Johan wanted their forest wedding to reflect the surroundings and create the Fairytale Wedding of their dreams. They chose a neutral and natural colour palette of nudes, greenery and some hints black. They invested a large portion of their £180k budget on the flowers, decorations and hiring the incredible Blomboy, to bring everything together for the big day. It was important for Johan and Louisa to ensure they had the very best food and drinks for their guests.

Johan & Louisa from Aletta Francina Film on Vimeo.

Fairytale wedding inspiration

“We were inspired by the area and surroundings”, said the bride. “I must admit Johan and I developed this weird attraction to internet culture, such as Vaporwave, plantwave and Lo-Fi so we tried to incorporate various elements from the subculture through things such as pink rope lights, large monstera leaves and so on.”Wedding alterJohan's Wedding prep Louise Wedding Prep Green Wedding Tucks Beautiful Wedding Dress The Groom preparing for his fairytale wedding Bride preparing for her fairytale wedding Bride standing with a glass of champaign in her wedding dress A Different kind of fairytale wedding A Different kind of fairytale wedding bride is apply makeup groom in his green suit

The ceremony was held outside among the trees. The area was decorated with a simple wooden altar, benches for their guests to sit on and endless greenery. As the couple walked back up the aisle as husband and wife their guests showered them with leaves, an eco-friendly and popular rendition of confetti.Bride and her Bridesmaids drinking champagne laughing Groom and groomsmen cheering A different kind of fairytale wedding

“In terms of design, the ceremony was minimal. Johan chose a song called E S R E V N I H T E A D, It was like a breath of fresh air to everything else I’ve heard. More importantly, our officiator was outstanding – with all the issues that we encountered and came to deal with during the first six months of marriage, I think it is important to get an officiator that knows you both individually and as a couple – not just a rent-a-pope.”fairytale wedding Bride in her wedding dress Father and the bride love, laughter and grace Bride climbing into the car Wedding Venue Wedding Alter Father and Bride walking down the aisle A different kind of fairytale wedding bridesmaid walking down the aisle Father and daughter moments Fairytale wedding inspiration Bride and groom holding hands at the alter A different kind of fairytale wedding You may kiss the bride bride and groom kissing Husband and wife holding hands Fairytale wedding come true Dream fairytale wedding Groom and bride signing marriage papers Fairytale wedding guest showing the bride and groom A different kind of fairytale wedding Groom green suit, bride white wedding dress A different kind of fairytale wedding Bride and groom kissing in the smoke A Different kind of fairytale wedding Louise and john standing staring into each others eyes

Fairytale Wedding Moments

“One of our favourite moments of the day was actually at about midnight when Johan came to fetch me with two glasses of whiskeys (just to grab a breather from the party) and took me back to the spot where the ceremony took place. It was special to be back at the same spot where we made our vows earlier that day, but without people. There was something really significant about the light, music and laughter in the distance that made our moment back at the trees peaceful and quiet.”Groom and his groomsmen Family standing with the bride and groomFairytale wedding Family photo in forest Groom and groomsmen standing by a white wall The happy couple standing by the forest Bride and her ladies standing by her side. Bride and the best ladies Groom and his father smoking a cigar Bride and her momBride and her father Groom and father in law Bride in a white wedding dress holing a leaf bouquet Groom smoking a cigar Bride holding a bouquet Groomsmen, groom, bride , bride-maids Family photo at the wedding

“I loved every minute of our wedding”, Louisa concluded. “This was by far the best party I’ve ever been to – and I think everyone’s wedding should be. Our advice for other couples would be to just go with it. If someone spills gin over your dress laugh because it isn’t red wine!”Gin bar Table layout Wedding planner Chilling space at the wedding venue Wedding cake Fire at the wedding Wedding snacks Green leafs in perfume Entertainment Table with a typo on purple smoke in the background Groom looking at his new bride Happy wedding day Groom and bride happy Happy couple at their fairytale wedding Fairytale Wedding Fairytale wedding A Different kind of fairytale wedding Love at first sight Newlyweds kissing with purple smoke in the background. beautiful couple walking on a open field A different kind of fairytale wedding Bridesmaid giving her speech Fairytale wedding comes trueBride and groom looking into each other eyes smiling Groom giving his wedding speech Bride sitting and smiling her new husband Mother of the newlyweds laughing The bride giving her speech Groom with a shocked look on his face Groom and Bride sitting at the table A different kind of fairytale wedding A Different kind of fairytale wedding Fairytale wedding Groom feeding cake to his new bride Bride and Groom dancing +bride chilling with her friends Husband and wife kissing The happy couple cheering

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