A Quirky-Contemporary Perfect Wedding

We are totally in love with Charn and Ross’s Quirky-Contemporary Perfect Wedding and their adorable love story! This is a Perfect Wedding because of its authenticity and uniqueness!

Perfect Wedding

1. Tell us how you met?

We met at a Cluedo themed board game dinner party, and instantly hit it off over wordplay, dancing and discussions about coffee – we literally started dating exclusively two days later!

We later realised that we had been moving in the same friend circles for at least two years before we met. Looking back now, it’s bizarre to see how close we came to meeting each other on so many occasions – always just missing each other by a few seconds.

Perfect Wedding

2. How did he propose?

Ross always said he that he has a rule: He’ll only get engaged to someone after dating for at least two years. Staying true to this rule, he proposed ON our two year anniversary. In his words, “not wasting a single minute!” I’d never been up Table Mountain before and, knowing this, Ross had organised a very special trip up the mountain.

Even though the weather report predicted clear skies, it POURED with rain on the day and the entire mountain was covered in a thick bed of mist. Little did he know that I had always dreamed of being proposed to in the rain! We were the only people on the mountain – it was almost surreal – and he ended up proposing on the mountain, in the rain.

The moment I said YES the sirens went off, and we were told that the last cable car would depart in 5 minutes (due to the bad weather) – I’d never run so fast or laughed that much in my life!

Perfect Wedding

3. A short summary about you as a couple and about your Perfect Wedding day

We don’t like taking life too seriously (at all!). This quirkiness turned out to be the inspiration behind our entire wedding day. Funnily enough, just like the rain foiled Ross’ engagement plans, it also intervened on our Perfect Wedding day!

Even though all the weather reports indicated clear skies, it poured on our wedding day and we ended up tying the knot in the cosiest atmosphere, in front of a fireplace. I loved the spontaneity and unplanned-ness of it all!

The moment we said I do, the rain cleared up (just in time for canapés and pictures!) and a rainbow appeared in the sky! I mean, how magical is that!?

Perfect Wedding

4. Number of guests

84, including our photographers and DJs – because by the time the Perfect Wedding day arrived, they were more than just our service providers, they were our GUESTS.

Perfect Wedding

5. The Perfect Wedding theme

We share a love of bad puns, wordplay, board games and SOKKIE. These were the elements that made up our Perfect Wedding day. Our theme was: “How can we make this day as ridiculously FUN as possible, and make EVERYONE feel special!?”

So we laid out our collection of board games, had Polaroid photos printed as place cards, designed quirky wordplay signs to go EVERYWHERE (which really made everyone giggle). We made “corn-fetti” and created our own version of Cards Against Humanity (based on us as a couple) which we placed on the guest tables, served chilli poppers and Sterri-stumpies, and so much more!

Our colour scheme was navy blue and burgundy, while it tied everything together nicely, we weren’t all that committed to it.

Perfect Wedding

6. Wedding dress & designer

I LOVE sparkly things, so when I first spotted the rose gold sequined dress on the White Runway website (within my budget) I had to have it! Even though I initially thought of getting it in white, the rose gold one was the very first dress I tried on, and it was “the one”. The moment I thought “hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t” it went on a Black Friday sale – just another sign that I needed to get it!

My second dress came from The Wedding Boutique, and it’s actually a matric dance dress that was marked down to R500. Although I never planned on having two dresses, I bought it on the spot. I realised I’d never been able to dance the night away in the long sequined gown!

Perfect Wedding

7. Bridesmaid Dresses

This story goes about the same way as the wedding dress one – these were the first dresses the girls tried on, and they were the winners!

After weeks of battling to find a date that would work for everyone, we arrived together at YDE – just to realise that it’s their annual R120 sale, and there isn’t a single dress on the rail. Oh the panic! In a flat panic, we went to Forever New, saw the three dresses (that coincidentally came in the colours of our colour scheme). They tried it on, and LOVED IT (and because they loved it, I loved it). It was the easiest shopping trip ever!

Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding

8. The groom

Right from the start, I said to Ross, “if you’re not allowed to see my dress before the wedding, it’s only fair that I don’t get to see YOUR outfit either!” So he had total free reign to choose his own outfit!

Everyone warned me that this approach is WAY too risky – “what if his outfit is ugly or doesn’t match yours!?”. It’s honestly the best decision we ever made. He took an incredible amount of pride in choosing his groom’s outfit, and BOY did he do a good job – far better than I would’ve! His ensemble was tailor-made by Frank Bespoke and, even though he only got it the day before the wedding (panic), it was an absolute masterpiece.

Perfect Wedding

9. The groomsmen attire

Again, this was entirely Ross’ baby, and I only gave a small amount of input when he asked for my advice. Initially, he wanted to dress the groomsmen in navy blue pants and waistcoats, but then he found these awesome burgundy waistcoats at Tuxedo Hire and it balanced out the navy blue so well, that we had to have it!

Perfect Wedding

10. What was the most difficult/stressful aspect of planning your wedding?

Managing and balancing expectations. I’m a total people pleaser, and one of the hardest things for me was to figure out what MY vision for the day is, in amongst the chaos of everyone else’s opinions.

I was very lucky in that I had a groom who chose to be involved in every aspect of the wedding planning, and he played a crucial role in helping me figure out what I want, as opposed to what I think other people want.

What’s more, my handbag was stolen a week before the wedding, with both our wallets (ALL our credit/debit cards, driver’s licences, etc.) in it, not to mention Ross’ phone. It certainly made the last week interesting!

Perfect Wedding

11. Any advice for brides-to-be to create their Perfect Wedding?

Even if you don’t think your groom-to-be will be interested in talking about napkin rings or stationary, ALWAYS ASK HIM! Instead of assuming that Ross wouldn’t care about the flowers or the colour of the napkins, I always asked his opinion on the various aspects.

In some cases, he’d say, “look, they really look the same to me – you choose”, but in most cases, he surprised me with his fresh perspective! I would’ve never known half the wonderful ideas that were floating around in his head if I hadn’t made the effort to include him. This is NOT the bride’s day, it belongs to both of you! PS. Brides, don’t be “fashionably late!” You’re missing out on all the fun – the earlier you can get the show on the road, the better!

Perfect Wedding

12. Anything else you would like to add?

I can ascribe the success of our Perfect Wedding to two things:

Firstly, we kept asking ourselves: “Would this make our wedding more fun”? This helped us to “trim the fat” and to cut the cost.

Secondly, I spent a LOT of time planning out the schedule for the day. Once we finalised it, we customised it for ALL the service providers and members of the bridal party. Everyone knew EXACTLY what was expected of them at which point in time. This took so much pressure off of us on the day, and everything ran perfectly on time.

Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding

13. List of their Perfect Wedding Suppliers

Perfect Wedding

We also love this creative Wedding Countdown Idea that Charn and Ross’s guests did before the wedding:

Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding


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