How to tell the world that you’re Engaged

10 Ways to Announce that You’re Engaged:

So, You’re Engaged! But what are you supposed to do now? Well, if it’s possible, take a minute to live in that moment. Spend some time together before announcing you’re awesome new engagement to the entire world. But, if you really can’t keep it in and absolutely need to tell your mother/father Right Now, check out our list of ideas on how to tell the world that you are engaged.


How to tell your Parents:

Tell them in person, after all, they will want to hug you and be ecstatic with you! If you absolutely can’t, give them a call or video call to give them the fantastic news, this way they can still be “virtually” just as excited as you guys are!


How to tell everyone else:

Below you can find some cool ideas on how to announce to the world that you are now a soon-to-be-wife!

1. Let your Furry Friends spread the news

She Said Yes GSD She Said Yes Labrador
Engagement Ring Cat My Humans Are Getting Married Dog

2. Announcements by Chalkboard

Stole Her Heart

3. Announce it over a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged I Said Yes Cup

4. Swim in a different direction with this creative announcement

Two Less Fish In The Sea Less Fish

5. But first, let me take a picture! Post a picture of just how amazing it really was (just remember to not ruin the moment by taking an excessive amount of pictures).

Engagement Ring Neck Yes Picnic

6. Make a video!


7. For a more Low-Key way to let the world know about your engagement, update your relationship status and make a little post…

Fb Engagement Announcement


8. Wear your heart on your chest with these awesome Engagement Announcement T-Shirts

Thats What She Said Girlfriend To Fiance
Future Mrs Pop The Champagne

9. Post a simple, funky couples photo

 Engagement Photo

10. A super cool way to announce to your family and friends that you’re getting hitched is to throw an Engagement Bash!

Engagement Party

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