Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes to Match Your Dress

Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes to Match Your Dress

Finding the perfect wedding shoes can seem like an impossible challenge for a bride! Not only must she find something super comfy but the shoe must match her vibe, the day and most importantly, match the wedding dress! Fortunately, finding the perfect bridal shoes is not as daunting as it used to be.

6 tips to Help you Find the Wedding Shoes of your Dreams!

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1. What are my options? Different Types of Wedding Shoes:

  • Heels – for that classic wedding dress or ball gown where you need the extra height
  • Wedges – a great combination of comfort and added height, suitable for most dresses
  • Ballet Flats – suitable for short wedding dresses, or for brides who value comfort
  • Strappy Heels -the perfect fit for mermaid wedding dresses, elegant and natural
  • Sandals – the best option for beach or nature-themed weddings
  • Sneakers – a new and modern twist on bridal shoes, especially for the bride who wants to show her personality


  • Be careful of vinyl or plastic – these shoes tend to pinch and don’t breath too well.

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2. Consider the Colour of your shoes

Your wedding shoes are a great way to show off your personal style on your wedding day. When deciding on wedding shoes, first decide on what fabric and colour you would like your shoes to be.

  • You can decide on a colour that accents your dress for a subtle, stylish look
  • Or a colour that stands out completely – creating an eye-catching contrast
  • Consider breaking the rules and showing off your unique vibe by choosing a colour that clashes with your dress like leather or a pair of bright blue sneakers
  • You can also choose a colour that will match your groom’s attire! If he is wearing cute, emerald green socks, you can match him with emerald green pumps with a shiny metallic trim!


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3. The Shape of Your Dress Influences Your Shoes

The shape of your dress will play a big role in deciding on which wedding shoes to buy.

  • If you are wearing a short dress, statement shoes with a crazy print will round off your look perfectly.
  • A chunky metallic platform or a striped wedge can be the perfect accessories if you are considering a short dress.
  • Are you wearing a short vintage look in lace? Bright red peep-toes and red lips will take you from pretty to pretty damn awesome almost instantly. 
  • Brides that choose a mermaid wedding dress are all about the curves. A strappy, sexy heel would celebrate the sensual look!
  • A ball gown will probably hide your shoes, but you can repeat an accent from your dress on your shoes like pearls or a diamond detail to make it extra special.


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4. Match your shoes with your Wedding Theme

The location and theme of your wedding will have a huge effect on your choice! If you are getting married on a beach or somewhere outside you better forget about a skinny heel… You will sink into the sand or grass and it will ruin your shoes (and your evening). A flat shoe or wedge heel will probably work better on rough terrain!

Think about your aisle and ask yourself:

  • Are you walking down stairs?
  • How far are you walking?
  • Are you walking on a wooden deck?
  • What is the atmosphere at my wedding?
  • Is your wedding outdoors?
  • What season is your wedding being held? Winter, Summer?

Beach weddings are usually a little more relaxed, so high heels might look out of place just as flat sandals might seem a little underdressed if you are having an elegant city soiree. Make sure your choice is appropriate and will keep you on your feet and dancing all night long!

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5. Where to buy your wedding shoes?

Now that you know what you are looking for, it is time to start hunting. Knowing where to shop might make this easier. Check out our wedding dresses and shoes section for some local bridal shoe suppliers near you.

Fabulous footwear doesn’t come cheap, so allowing yourself a few months to search will take the pressure off and will prevent panic-driven overspending! Things to keep in mind:

Shopping online can be very relaxing but remember that delivery will take a while (especially if you are ordering from abroad). The perfect pair of wedding shoes can be expensive, so give yourself a little time to save up.

Buy your shoes a month in advance and wear them in before your wedding day! You don’t want to struggle with blisters on your special day! If you have little room in your budget, use the extra money to invest in some good insoles! It can be a game changer!

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6. Take a pair to spare

Christian Louboutin said: “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman!”

So maybe on your wedding day, you will need a little more help… why not pack an extra pair of shoes for when the official ceremony is over? Some brides dream about those perfect, strappy, silk stilettos… but that same bride wants to kick back during the pre-drinks wearing a spare pair of comfortable wedding shoes. Ask one of your bridesmaids to make sure your special pair is already there when you arrive! You will be comfy and on your feet celebrating the night away!

And finally, always remember that this is your special day: you deserve to be comfortable and most of all, feel stunning! You make the rules! Happy shoe shopping!

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