DIY Industrial Wedding Cake Design

Christien Schrecker from Husband and Wife Team, our amazing Wedding Decor and Styling Collaborator from our Starry Winter Wedding Theme Inspiration Shoot did this super cool, industrial wedding cake design DIY to show you how to transform your cake into something spectacular by adding a touch of your own unique personality. Christien combines warm, metallic winter colours with the cold, concrete-looking cake to create a wedding cake perfectly showcasing the frostiness and yet, the warmth, of a winter wedding.

Check out the DIY Industrial Wedding Cake Design Idea Video below:


What You Need:

  • A Cake
  • A Piping Bag or a Ziplock-type Bag with the corner cut off
  • Buttercream Frosting Varying in Colour
  • Icing Smoother which you can find here
  • A Cake Topper (optional)

Steps For This DIY Industrial Wedding Cake Design:

Step 1: Put Some Spots/Stripes on The Cake in Your Desired Colour-Range

The first step is to add some spots and/or stripes of the first colour of buttercream icing that you desire onto your already crumb-coated or fully-coated wedding cake.

Step 2: Take The Icing Smoother and Turn The Cake To Smoothen and “Swipe” The Spots/Stripes

Use your Icing Smoother to turn the cake in order to smoothen the spots/stripes that you added to the cake in Step 1.

PS. You can use your¬†microwave’s turntable as a turntable if you do not have one, it won’t be as smooth, but it’ll work.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1 & Step 2

If you would like more than one colour icing on your cake, you can repeat Step 1 & Step 2 listed above.

Step 4: Add a Cake Topper (optional)

If you are going to use a cake topper, you can add it to your amazing wedding cake now.

Cake Design

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