DIY Wedding Chalkboard Signs

DIY Wedding Chalkboard Signs

[two_column]Looking for some awesome personalized signs to use as decor on your special day? Don’t fret! Pink Book has teamed up with Invitation Cafe and Brightmoon Videography to bring you this awesome DIY Blackboard Wedding Signs video! Follow our quick and simple steps to make your own, cost-effective yet professional looking signs. These versatile boards can be used to as a welcome sign, table numbers or more.[/two_column]

Watch the DIY Video:

What you need:

  1. Pencil
  2. White permanent marker
  3. Piece of chalk
  4. Blackboard or any kind of hardboard/cardboard
  5. A Piece of paper, roughly the same size as the board


Steps to making DIY Wedding Chalkboard Signs:

Step 1: Print your design on the paper and trace with Chalk

Choose your text design or whatever you want and print in on the paper. Here you can be very creative and print whatever you want – the couple’s names, the seating plan, a fun hashtag. Whatever you need. Flip the paper with the printed design around and trace the print on the back with the chalk.

Step 2: Stick the paper to the board and trace with pencil

Take the piece of paper with the chalk drawing and tape it to the blackboard – with the chalk side facing the board. Take your pencil and trace the text outlines on the front. The chalk will transfer to the board in the exact shapes of the letters. Be sure to check that clearly visible.

DIY wedding sign text

Step 3: Colour the letters with your white marker

Use your white permanent marker to go over the letters on the blackboard. Start by tracing the outlines again and then fill in the solid colours. If it is not clear enough, go over it a second time, so that the white is clearly visible.

And Voila! You are done! As easy as that, you have a completely custom, handmade sign to use for your wedding decor. And what’s more, you can keep it after the big day, as a special memento.

DIY blackboard marker trace

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