10 Most Extravagant Wedding Cakes

Does size really matter? Well, for these couples it truly did! How big do you think a wedding cake should be? Below you’ll find some of the most extravagant wedding cakes we’ve ever seen! For some brides, her wedding dress is the most important element to the wedding, but for others, it is the cake! Fun fact: The world’s largest wedding cake weighed 6.818 tonnes. This article is one for all the sweet-toothed ladies out there, feast your eyes on these over-the-top, extravagant wedding cakes.
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What do you think about these larger-than-life cakes? Would you ever consider having a cake like this? Choose some wedding cakes in our awesome [QUIZ] and find out when you’re gonna get married! You can also have a look at our Wedding Cake Inspiration board on Pinterest for more!

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