In traditional African Weddings, it is customary for the bride to wear her tribe or clan’s traditional colours on the day of the wedding at her family home, after which she will change into her new husband’s clan colours. On this page, you will find the very best designers of Traditional Wedding Dresses. Browse through their listings to view their amazing creations, and simply request quotes by clicking on the envelope on each listing.

The Traditional Wedding Dresses listed on our website range from over the top creations to simple and elegant. There are even brides who opt for a classic white wedding gown with splashes of traditional fabric to accent – which we think is very cool!

While you can find suppliers here that make Wedding Dresses, there are many other vendors in our Directory as well – like Hair & Makeup Artists, Wedding Accessories, Suits & Menswear and so much more! Find everything you need right here.

Our blog is an amazing resource for wedding inspiration, tips and advice, trends, Real Weddings, competitions and so much more! Filter the articles by topic to find articles related to your needs!

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