Wedding Podcast Ep.1 - Wedding Trends

Wedding Podcast Ep.1 – Wedding Trends

Pink Book Wedding Podcast Episode 1

In this week’s Podcast we discuss the Wedding Trends.

Hannes Loubser (our host) chats to our very own Marlé Greeff, editor of the Pink Book blog. She reveals the latest wedding trends, focussing on colours, themes, elements and ideas for 2017. Marlé also highlights some of her favourite themes, namely Tropical and Industrial and they also discuss how to incorporate Pantone colours into your wedding theme.

Other topics touched on are wedding dress trends, highlighting Bridal Tuxedos and Tea-Length dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Hair & Makeup, Accessories for both the bridal and groom’s parties, as well as Flowers, Stationery, Food & Drinks, Canapés, Cakes and exciting Entertainment ideas and more.Wedding Trends for 2017


Have a look at our Wedding Trends for 2017 board on Pinterest.


Weekly discovery

We focus on Bergbruidjie, a fantastic online shop for wedding gift packs and goodies. Stay tuned right to the end of the episode to find out what Freebie we have for you this week.

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Next Week’s Episode:  Aleit Swanepoel

Our next podcast features one of the country’s most respected wedding coordinators, Aleit Swanepoel. We chat to him about his experience of 20 years in the wedding industry; the best and worst moments of his career and much more. We discuss his brand new project – his very own book being launched soon. Aleit is one of the most fascinating people we have met, and we pick his brain on the do’s and don’t’s of wedding planning. Make sure you don’t miss this episode, to get top tips and advice from the master himself

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If you have any questions on today’s podcast or you want to ask Marlé Greeff a specific question, please leave them in the comments section of the blog and we’ll be glad to help and find some answers, even discussing them in upcoming podcasts.