Podcast Ep. 7 - Wedding Planning with Christina Holt

Podcast Ep. 7 – Wedding Planning with Christina Holt

Christina Holt (@Christina_Holt) – We get the Wedding Planning 101 from the Leading Lady of Luxury, she reveals why she chose to move from Europe to start her illustrious Wedding Planning career in Cape Town, and how she has built her company Wedding Concepts to be regarded as one of the most successful coordination companies, specialising in Luxury Destination Weddings for clients from all over the world.

 Wedding Planning 101: Topics discussed

  • Her decision to move from Germany to South Africa
  • South Africa as an international Wedding Destination
  • What sets Wedding Concepts apart
  • How she chooses her team
  • What they bring to the wedding planning process
  • African Weddings
  • The logistics of being a coordinator
  • Why they don’t offer on the day only coordination
  • Costing
  • Top Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning 101

Weekly discovery

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Heike le Cordeur (@fleurlecordeur) is South Africa’s floral fairy godmother. She tell us about her love her for all things floral, her approach to styling weddings, her over-the-top installations that she is so well known for and so much more. She reveals how she has built her company Fleur le Cordeur up as one of the most revered floral design firms in South Africa.


If you have any questions on today’s podcast or you want to ask Christina Holt a specific question, please leave them in the comments section of the blog and we’ll be glad to help and find some answers, even discussing them in upcoming podcasts.


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