#22 – Tumi Malatsi – Traditional African Weddings

We travelled up to Johannesburg to see what the wedding buzz in the City of Gold is all about. First up, we sit down with Tumi Malatsi from RIL Weddings and Events to teach us everything there is to know about Traditional African Weddings. We discover the traditions and customs that go with hosting a truly traditional wedding – and have lots of laughs in between!

Topics discussed

  • How RIL Weddings was started
  • How does a traditional African engagement happen?
  • What is Lobola and how does it work?
  • Who are the Lobola negotiators?
  • Who pays for the wedding?
  • What is the average budget for a Traditional African Wedding?
  • An African take on a Western Wedding
  • Traditions associated with Traditional African Weddings
  • Gifting to the families
  • Why compiling a guest list for the African Wedding is a difficult task
  • The average menu of African Weddings
  • Bring your own drinks!
  • Who gets to be part of the bridal party?
  • How are the wedding outfits chosen?
  • Who gives the bride away?
  • Why nobody expects an African bride to be on time
  • Wedding gifts for the African couple
  • Honeymooning
  • How our cultures have mixed and influenced each other’s weddings

Stunning Traditional African Weddings Photos

Traditional African Weddings Traditional African Weddings Traditional African Weddings Traditional African Weddings

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Thabo Matlhako – The Aleit Group‘s top dog in Johannesburg sits down with us to talk about the differences between Cape Town and Johannesburg Weddings and Events.

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If you have any questions on today’s podcast or you want to ask Tumi Malatsi a specific question, please leave them in the comments section of our Facebook page and we’ll be glad to help and find some answers, even discussing them in upcoming podcasts.

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