Wedding Podcast Ep.20 - Weddings at Home

Wedding Podcast Ep.20 – Weddings at Home

Tracy Branford – @TrunkEvents – Weddings at Home. Tracy and Marlé visit the brand new Silo Hotel in Cape Town for a glass of wine to discuss everything you need to know about having your wedding at home (or a non-traditional wedding venue). We look at the costs you would need to incur to make your spectacular dream wedding happen when you need to hire everything in, and we discuss all of the pros and cons of choosing to forego an established venue.

Weddings at Home Topics discussed

  • Structure – Stretch tents, A-Frame, Glass Marquee
  • Ablutions – infrastructure you’d need to rent 
  • Flooring – why it’s necessary 
  • Catering – Satellite kitchens and the extras required to set up a kitchen
  • Electricity requirements – is a generator a must?
  • Lighting – what should be included except for candles and ambient lighting
  • How to handle neighbours and security
  • What decor items should be hired in?
  • What extra staff should you budget for?
  • Waste removal – who takes out the trash?
  • Bar setup – how does it differ from a traditional venue wedding?

Weddings at Home Tracy Branford

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We get to live the sweet life for a day when we head to one of Cape Town’s most famous institutions – Charly’s Bakery. We talk about all things chocolate, cakes and puddings at weddings. YUM!

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