#19 – Stu Shapiro – Drones, Silent Disco & Instant Printing at Your Wedding

Stu Shapiro – InstaBooth – Our Wedding Technology Expert talks to us about all the latest tech trends in Weddings, from drones to Whatsapp and Instagram printers, photo booths, Silent Disco, hidden cameras, 3D Printed cake decorations and so much more. We discuss all the ways you can use technology at your wedding to enhance your own and your guests’ experience, plus making cool and lasting memories in a completely unique way.

Wedding Technology Topics discussed

  • How the technology boom created a need for BrandRocket
  • Is Twitter dead?
  • What is InstaBooth?
  • WhatsApp printing – the newest technology for weddings
  • Hidden Bouquet Camera
  • Live video editing at weddings
  • 3D printing in South Africa
  • Selfie sticks at the reception – yay or nay?
  • Pros & Cons of Social Media at your wedding
  • GIF Photobooths
  • Drone videography at the wedding
  • Live streaming your wedding
  • Silent Disco – why this is making it’s way into the wedding industry

#19 - Stu Shapiro - Wedding Technology

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Tracy Branford – @TrunkEvents – Weddings at Home. Tracy and Marlé visit the brand new Silo Hotel in Cape Town for a glass of wine to discuss everything you need to know about having your wedding at home (or a non-traditional wedding venue). We look at the costs you would need to incur to make your spectacular dream wedding happen when you need to hire everything in, and we discuss all of the pros and cons of choosing to forego an established venue.

Guests in upcoming episodes of the Pink Book Wedding Podcast:

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