Wedding Podcast Ep.17 - Sam Scarborough Wedding Makeup Do's & Don'ts

Wedding Podcast Ep.17 – Sam Scarborough Wedding Makeup Do’s & Don’ts

Sam Scarborough – Magnificent Makeup Magician shares his wedding makeup tips. Sam visits us to tell us everything you need to know about Hair and Makeup for your big day. She talks about the latest trends, how to ensure a flawless, picture-perfect look for any weather condition, and we talk about those dreaded pimples and the wedding makeup do’s and don’ts.

Expert Wedding Makeup Tips discussed

  • How she got started in the makeup industry
  • Wedding makeup trends
  • Bridal hairstyles
  • How she helps a bride find the perfect bridal look
  • Spectacles vs Contact Lenses
  • How to make your makeup work even when you wear spectacles
  • Pimples and Blemishes – How to avoid them before the wedding
  • Facials – when to have deep cleansing facials, and when to have a pampering facial
  • How to prepare your face on the morning of the wedding
  • Why you should stay away from SPF on your wedding day
  • When you should go for your trial and what you should wear
  • Lashes: Strip vs Clusters vs Lash Extensions
  • How much time you need for hair and makeup
  • How to ensure your makeup stays amazing all day
  • When to stop experimenting with your hair
  • When should you wash your hair before the wedding?
  • Should your man also have a bit of male grooming
  • Tanning: Spray Tan vs Sunbathing vs Sunbed

Expert Wedding Makeup Tips sam Scarborough Wedding Makeup Podcast


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