#14 – Tracy Branford – Wedding Planning Advice Part 2

Tracy Branford (@TrunkEvents) is the Cape Town Wedding Planning Whizzkid – our go-to resource for all wedding planning questions. She advises us on flowers, decor, lighting, wedding favours and stationery in the second of our three-part Wedding Planning Advice series.

Topics discussed

  • How to choose your wedding theme
  • Clever ways to ensure your theme doesn’t have a conflicting look
  • Wedding Trends of 2017
  • Do you really need a wedding planner?
  • How to plan your wedding without a wedding coordinator
  • How to choose your wedding flowers
  • Decor elements you can exclude to save on your budget
  • Mood lighting
  • Is printed wedding stationery still necessary?
  • Why Save the Dates are a must-have
  • Wedding Websites
  • Cool ideas for wedding favours

#14 - Tracy Branford - Wedding Planning Whizzkid

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Next Week’s Episode:  Jaco van Loggerenberg – Debonair Drinks Mogul reveals the upcoming trends for Wedding Cocktails, we talk about crafting cocktails for your predrinks, how to set up the bar properly and all the logistics you need to know to keep your guests hydrated and jolly.

Guests in upcoming episodes of the Pink Book Wedding Podcast:

If you have any questions on today’s podcast or you want to ask Tracy Branford a specific question, please leave them in the comments section of our Facebook page and we’ll be glad to help and find some answers, even discussing them in upcoming podcasts.

Image credits: Shanna Jones, Pritti Pictures and ZaraZoo Photography


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