#12 – Riaan Geldenhuys – Choosing Your Wedding DJ

Riaan Geldenhuys (@Cape DJs) – Dazzling Wedding DJ – Riaan gives us advice on how choosing your wedding DJ and the wedding entertainment plus different types of wedding tents and the pros and cons of having a tented wedding reception.

Topics discussed

  • How he started his 20-year career in the wedding industry
  • What makes a good Wedding DJ
  • How to choose your Wedding DJ
  • When to book your DJ
  • Why technical issues happen at weddings
  • Tips on the DJ booth placement
  • Is it necessary to have a DJ at the ceremony/pre-drinks?
  • Cordless vs Corded Microphones
  • The advantages of having additional lighting
  • Different types of Wedding Tents
  • Colours available in tents
  • Limitations/requirements on having a tent at your wedding
  • Flooring solutions for outdoor weddings
  • What you need when getting married on a non-venue location – like a family farm
  • Pros and Cons of having a tented wedding reception
  • The funniest moments of his career

Wedding DJ Cape DJ's Riaan Geldenhuys Pink Book Wedding Podcast

Weekly discovery

Fizzeco is the latest offering in Wedding Pre-Drinks. Fizzeco is a Prosecco-like sparkling wine which is served on tap. No more bottles standing around – this comes in an elegant, neat and compact keg holding up to 150 glasses!

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Yuppiechef (@yuppiechef) – Wedding Registry Rulers. Fiona Hilton is the lady in charge of South Africa’s most extensive Wedding Registry – Yuppiechef. From small beginnings to being the last word in Wedding Gifting, Fiona takes us through everything you need to know about wedding registries.

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