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Pretoria, Gauteng
  • Years Active9
  • Photography StyleDocumentary
  • International Weddings1-5
  • GenderMale
  • Team Size2 Professionals
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Pretoria Wedding Photographers

Pretoria Wedding Photographers Marius and Karen started their career as two creative people looking to share stories. Their photography journey started in 2007 when they did their first wedding together. Sagely Photography started as a husband and wife team and since that first wedding back in ’07 they are now over 450 weddings and still going strong. Not only did their business grow but so did their family… Their first son was born in 2011 and he just gave them a new meaning to life and how they capture other people’s memories.

The Sagely Photography team also grew over the years and they surrounded themselves with like-minded people with a love for photography and life! Marius sees photos as more than just a picture. It is a story being unveiled. Choosing a wedding photographer can be quite a task. In their work, they strive to capture stories rather than normal photos. Their understanding of light and how to give direction is what sets them apart.

Marius’s philosophy in life is to always be humble and to know that there is someone out there better than you to learn from and someone out there who wants to learn from you. Their style of photography is journalistic yet classic, and natural at the same time.

Marius spent time in London and Paris to expand his photography knowledge and to ensure he stays at the front end of this creative industry. Beautiful photography is what they are all about. They are currently based in Gauteng but do travel for destination weddings.

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625 Hoopoe Crescent, Willow Acres Estate, Pretoria, Gauteng
+27 (0)83 651 2234
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