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Pretoria Boudoir Photographer

Yolandi Jacobsz is a Pretoria Boudoir Photographer, having been a pro already for close to 10 years. Loci Photography is her brand, and Loci has been independently operated for over four years.

Locus means “a particular position or place where something occurs or is situated”, and that is exactly what photography is. Many of those amazing moments, in the plural, is Loci – hence the name.

Loving mostly boudoir work for the mystery, beauty and feminine elegance that goes hand-in-hand with the genre, but landscapes, family shoots, corporates and fine art have also been a fascination for years, so it is mostly the variety that she likes capturing.

Having her work featured in esteemed publications such as Dekat, Sarie and Real Bride as well as various newspapers, magazines and online forums, she strives to produce deeply creative work, which is what she feels she does best. Previous images and artworks of hers have been sent to the South African Tourism Board in France for display, and two of her projects within 2015 had seen great success in newspapers such as Rapport, Beeld and UK-based newspaper The South African. Many of her landscapes have also been featured periodically in Mango Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Mango Juice.

Being an avid Fuji X-series photographer, the mirrorless system has only provided new ways to express her artistic side and to be a considered as a professional in the service she provides for clients.

Having a good hand on corporate photography as well, her clients include The Presidency, Sanlam, Bowman Gilfillan, Allen & Overy, JLL, Shanduka, FCB, Pan African Resources, Samancor, and First National Bank.

A body of work should say just as much about the artist than of the work itself, and her work is a conglomeration of professionalism, as well as the belief in a good corporate photo, a stunning image of you as a boudoir beauty, or a striking landscape.

“Boudoir is for any and every woman. They want to look appealing and beautiful. The responsibility of that image is mine.”

Yolandi is always working on a new exciting project, and has a vision and aim to bring many creatives together for collaborative efforts.

1241 Lawson Avenue, Waverley, Pretoria
+27 (0)82 333 7310
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