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Pretoria, Gauteng
  • Additional ServiceBoudoir, Engagement Shoot
  • Photography StyleArtistic
  • GenderFemale
  • Team Size1 Professional
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Pretoria Wedding Photographer

Pretoria Wedding Photographer Appelliefie Art and Photography developed out of an extraordinary passion that Caitlin Appelgryn has for Art, in all its glorious forms (she herself specialises in Painting, digital art, digital drawing and photography).

She is an innovative and imaginative, vibrant artist who is passionate about God, loves life and all the beauty that surrounds us.

She is Fine Artist and Photographer, with a passion for people. Creating and capturing their unforgettable moments, the uniqueness of our lives stories documented beautifully for eternity.

Caitlin specialises in telling your story

Her photographic genre being described in the sweetest idea:

  1. First, comes love – Couples and Engagement Sessions
  2. Then comes Marriage – Wedding Photography
  3. Then comes the baby, in the baby carriage – Maternity and Newborn Photography, Babies and Families.

She has a love for natural light, natural beauty (nature) and beautiful photography. She also loves studio sessions for babies and families. Appelliefie Art and Photography is well balanced in both indoor and outdoor photography. She works mostly in Gauteng but loves to travel and provides her photography services throughout South Africa. Caitlin studied at the University of the Free State, receiving her Fine Arts degree (B.A.F.A.) with distinction. She has a wide range of artistic skill, from curatorial work to educating in primary and tertiary departments.

She furthers her education and photography skills continually by attending workshops and new courses throughout South Africa yearly, as well as with an International influence, she loves to broaden her knowledge and grow as a photographer, and it is something she will continually do to push herself.

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Newmark Estate, Silverlakes, Pretoria, 0041
+27 (0)82 787 9239
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