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Pretoria Wedding Car Hire

The origin of Roll In Style’s little business starts with one morning when the founder received the phone call he dreaded after a cycle race. It was his dad’s doctor breaking the shocking news that his dad had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. The news was terrible, to say the least, but in months to come after that day he realised that his dad had left him something that would definitely make life much more interesting for him and his family.

His dad was a huge motor car enthusiast. In his youth, he first trained to be an aeroplane mechanic and then he qualified as a flight engineer. The next big step was when he qualified as a pilot and when he retired after many years of service he was a Captain for international flights at SAA.

The very interesting surprise, was when he opened the garage and discovered a beautiful 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. A gold one! At the time he didn’t know what Rolls it was exactly. When he found out that it was a 1978 model, his eyes welled up with sentiment, understanding and pride. It was his birth year!

He immediately knew that he would like to keep the Rolls Royce to remember his dad and enjoy the occasional joy ride, but as you can imagine, the maintenance on a classic Rolls Royce is not like that of a normal car. The car, therefore, had to work and maintain “herself” and so this Pretoria Wedding Car Hire company came to be. What better way than to share this piece of history with brides and grooms, matric dance youngsters and people attending special occasions. This way is so much more special than locking her up in a garage for no one to appreciate.

Roll In Style hopes that you choose them to drive you to your special occasion. The photos and memories will last forever and they see it as a privilege to share it with you.

They cover areas in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Pretoria, Gauteng
+27 (0)83 381 2816
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