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Midrand Kitchen Tea Venue

Midrand Kitchen Tea Venue Cafe Hemingway’s is an artisanal bistro. Offering High Tea’s, designer-styled events, delectable cakes and even gin or whiskey tastings in our gorgeous bar (whose crowning glory is a 20ft hand-crafted copper bar – just perfect for evening cocktails!).

Hemingway’s is a world-class artisan Bistro, Bar & Venue, that specializes in unique and delightful experiences. From their High-Tea’s to the Whiskey or Gin Tastings with an adventure through the cake tables, styled events and accessible fine dining experiences Café Hemingway’s offers an exceptional experience for the discerning patron.

Guests are bowled over by the fusion of bistro-style and fine dining, made from only the freshest local and organic ingredients ensuring a tasty and special experience in their beautiful café. Pop in for a relaxing lunch on the deck, and stay for the delectable home-made cakes and desserts.  Join their renowned Chefs as they take you on a journey of sensual, gastronomic delight.

High Tea @ Hemingway’s

Indulge in Café Hemingway’s gorgeous gastronomic delights when you book your High Tea Party with the talented team of Chefs at Café Hemingway’s! Perfect for baby showers, hen parties, book clubs, birthday parties or simply a special get-together to catch up with good friends!

Cakes @ Hemingway’s

A cake is an expression of love, a confectionery love-letter if you will. And for anyone who has ever watched the time, effort and patience that goes into the creation of one of Café Hemingway’s beautiful confections, there can be no doubt that love is a central ingredient! From wedding cakes to celebration cakes, these hand-made delights, with a secret ingredient of passion for what they do, ensure that your cakes have just that little extra added magic sparkle. Contact Café Hemingway’s for a copy of their gorgeous Cake Book, and you can choose your very own slice of heaven.

Dessert Table @ Hemingway’s

In the wee hours of a Saturday morning, while you still slumber and the only ones awake are the Elves putting the final flourishes on the shoe-makers wares, the Café Hemingway’s Pastry Team begin to coax magic from saucepans and mixing bowls. In a flourish of flower and with the wave of a magic icing wand, they produce delectable delights to adorn their magical Weekend Cake Table. From muffins to macarons and cake pops to cupcakes the beautiful and the decadent await your eager selection every weekend morning.

In a similar vein, the Café Hemingway’s Dessert Table, adorned with specially selected and freshly made desserts for your function, adds that extra sprinkle of something special to any occasion.

Functions & Events @ Hemingway’s

The Café Hemingway’s hospitality team are there to assist with the design of your function. From a simple high-tea to a themed bachelorette, the team at Hemingway’s can facilitate your function and will recommend one of their specially designed menus for the occasion, or they can even build a bespoke menu to suit your requirements.

10 Dining Street

Imagine venturing down a pebble-lined street at dusk. Flickering lanterns casting their ghostly glow, in the misty evening.  A door looms, you rap the secret code on the lintel and as it swings wide, trumpeting jazz notes escape into the night.

Step into a night of Ernest Hemingway’s Parisian experience at “10 Dining Street”, the decadent, luxurious private dining room at Café Hemingway’s.

This beautifully decorated venue is filled with character. As you tip-toe through the secret doorway nestled in the bookcase, you can virtually hear the tinkle of crystal wine glasses, the low hum of laughter, and the gentle clink of silverware. It is a space steeped in luxury. Hand-painted wallpaper and elaborate candelabra are offset by a simple, yet beautifully crafted dining table, which in turn is presided over by a striking hand-made Willow lamp.

The menus in “10 Dining Street” rely on freshly sourced ingredients and simple elegance. They are civilised, without being pretentious. Decadent without being complex, and beautiful because each dish is prepared by only the best chefs who have an immense respect for what they do.

“10 Dining Street” is perfect for your special function or dinner event. Catering for between 4 and 14 guests it is in this private dining area that you will be able to explore the culinary delights of an impassioned chef team, who will delight you with the feasts and banquets so well suited to these elegant surroundings.

Tastings @ Bar Hemingway’s

A 20ft hand-made copper bar sets the scene in the elegant Bar Hemingway’s where the perfect blend of whimsy and tradition await your attention. With more than 140 whiskey’s from all over the world, including Japan, India and even Ireland, Bar Hemingway’s offers you the taste experience of a lifetime. Book a whiskey tasting experience, Gin tasting, or even a wine pairing experience in the fabulous fine dining room “10 Dining Street”. For an unforgettable gastronomic event.

Once Upon A Time…

At the heart of every great experience, is a story. The story of Café Hemingway’s is, in many ways, only just being written but it is a story that has all the makings of an epic tale.  It begins with a little coffee shop that is about to close down just a few days before Christmas. The staff who have worked there, for some it’s the only job they have ever known, have no idea that within a few days they will be unemployed and have to face their families on what should be a joyous time of the year, with heart breaking news.

A long time customer, on being told of the imminent closure, couldn’t bear the thought of the 60-year-old woman who had only ever been taught to fry eggs, having no job, and no possibility of employment. He decided that the only option was to buy the shop and take on the people who worked there. His vision was grandiose, but the staff had only even been taught the most rudimentary of skills, and the kitchen had nothing but a microwave, fryer and toaster. And so the journey began.

The customer began to gather a group of people willing and excited to go on an adventure together. Like any great tale, this is a story of people. And like any great tale, it is a story of a group of people who have varied – but great- skills.

The tale continues with a place that is at once elegant, and down to earth. A milieu where the attention to detail is evident in every well-placed cushion or subtle light fitting. It’s a place where the Bedouin curtains billow gently in the wind ushering in a sighing breeze on a warm afternoon or wrapping you in a secluded hideaway of twinkling lights and romance on a chilly Winters Eve.

The tale, as said, is only just being written, but the characters, place and story are already in place. You write the story with them, every day. Join their adventure…

Their ethos of organic locally produced and proudly South African extends not only to food but also to their extensive craft beer menu and even their crockery and furniture.

At Café Hemingway’s no detail is too small, and this is ably illustrated in everything from the bespoke, designed décor to the hand selected barista brewed coffee.  A sense of pervasive quality is inherent at Hemingway’s, where the class isn’t just in the name; it’s in every aspect of your dining experience.

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Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Cnr Old Main Rd (R55) and Kyalami Boulevard, 1684
+27 (0)84 742 2402
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