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Johannesburg Bar and Cocktails

The core business of Major Tom Beverages, Johannesburg Bar and Cocktails, is mobile beverage distribution through the use of backpacks. They focus on beverage backpack rentals. It is because of this unique offering that they are able to allow the client to distribute beverages to any audience, anywhere, without having to use a static bar facility. They can distribute almost any beverage whether hot or cold, carbonated or not. If it can be poured they can distribute it! 

Major Tom prides themselves on being a unique brand offering and having a totally different approach to sales and marketing. They alleviate congestion in bar areas, as well as increasing beverage sales and service delivery for event organisers. It also allows for maximum brand exposure as the backpacks are able to be branded and customised. In addition to this, they can provide various other marketing and promotional tools.

They are based in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, they are able to rent their beverage dispensing backpacks anywhere in South Africa and a selection of African countries.

Major Tom is a one-stop shop when it comes to activations, they will make sure your brand will leave a lasting impression on the customer! The beverage dispensing backpack is a fantastic way to connect with customers on a more intimate level. Take your brand to places it has never been with their brandable backpacks, brandable cup sleeves and unmissable branded above head flags!

Gone are the days where traditional below the line marketing methods are effective. Today people want something different, they want something they will remember. The reason why Major Tom Backpack Dispensers have been so successful when it comes to creating brand awareness is that of the interaction between “brand” and customer. They are a walking, talking and mobile form of brand exposure!

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