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Cape Town, Western Cape
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Mobile Ice Cream Lab

They say that love is sweet and that’s why N2 Mobile Ice Cream Lab love to make ice cream! N2 Ice Cream Lab is South Africa’s first ever ice cream ‘laboratory’. When they started, people thought that they were just a little bit crazy. Fast forward to today, and they are proud to be one of the top listed ice cream destinations in Cape Town, courtesy of ‘Eat Out’ magazine and ‘Cape Town Insider’ to name but two. Weddings have also become their speciality.

N2 Ice Cream Lab uses fresh dairy ingredients to create an ice cream mix, and this is then blended in one of their super trendy ‘Kitchen Aid’ mixers with liquid nitrogen at a very cool minus 195 degrees centigrade. It takes around 45 seconds to create amazing ice cream. Thanks to blast freezing at such cold temperatures, this makes for the smoothest ice cream you will ever taste. Everything is additive and emulsifier free.
Your guests will not fail to be impressed with the whole ‘theatre’ of ice cream.  Both young and old alike are fascinated by the liquid nitrogen vapour which is created during the ice cream making process. It looks dramatic but it is totally safe. Their experienced and super friendly ‘Brrrr-istas’ (get it?!) are highly trained, and the liquid nitrogen itself is odourless and tasteless. By the time that your ice cream is ready, the vapour has gone and it is completely safe and delicious to eat.
Choose from a range of over thirty-five flavours, from a traditional vanilla to something very alternative, like Lavender and Fynbos Honey. They also make incredible sorbets in a range of fruit and champagne flavours. Customisation of flavours is their speciality, and there isn’t a flavour yet which they haven’t been able to create.
They offer a range of delicious and colourful ice cream and sorbet toppings which can also be tailored to your heart’s desire. For smaller events, they also offer a range of scrumptious milk shakes and a sundae table.
Their pop-up kiosk ice cream lab can go anywhere, and their very cute ‘Nitro Dolly’ mini ice cream van also makes a wonderful photo opportunity.  
They pride themselves on excellent and efficient client service and go the extra mile to make sure that you and your guests are completely happy.

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Grand National Blvd & Race Course Rd, Cape Town, 7441
+27 (0)84 516 1818
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