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Wedding DJ in Cape Town

DJ Magic, has been into Djing for as long as he can remember, his father started djing when he was roughly in his twenties which was around 40 years ago. Back then his dad went under the name of Sparks Mobile Disco and when DJ Magic was 11 years old his dad started taking him along to functions and showing him the ropes.

They worked well together as a team as he grew up and got older he learned more technical things, like how to incorporate more digital systems into their setup that they had at the time but as his dad was still old-school he was very much against using computers. The one thing that sticks out in his head of all the stuff his dad taught him is that you play for the people, in other words, you play the music the crowd wants to hear and not just what you enjoy listening to.

As a DJ he does that as much as possible as that is his aim – to have a full floor of dancing people!

An Affordable Wedding DJ for Your Big Day

His first solo function as a DJ was at one of his school discos at the age of 13. He and his friend Allan manned the decks and the party went off without a hitch, back then they were still using CDs. They used to download the music and make their own CDs, something he continued with when they finally got DSL at home and a working CD writer. He remembers making a new CD for each function with all the new music on it. He still does that today except now instead of a CD he has a folder on his laptop.

When his father decided to get out of the business DJ Magic decided mid-2016 to revamp the business under a new name and while still incorporating his father’s ideals and philosophies push it into the new age with some of his skills and talents getting their social media up and running and finally getting them properly into the digital era. Thus not limiting them just to what songs they have on CD but allowing them to download on the fly with a portable modem as well as being able to make use of flash drives while still having the CD players if need be.

In the last 15 years that he has been active as a DJ, he’s done numerous weddings as well as other parties coupled with his father’s experience. Collectively they have over 40 years of experience to draw from. DJ Magic will not miss a beat to entertain you and your guests on your special day, so there really is no better choice than DJ Magic Entertainment.

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