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Cape Town Treatment

Cape Town Treatment MYHRU HIGH! Serum is your ultimate MULTI-TASKER in a bottle, covering multiple beauty needs in just one product. Developed from #MYHRULOSOPHY of healthy ageing, it supports your skin whatever your age.

After extensive research, they have carefully selected a melange of HIGHLY-prized oils – including the beauty powerhouses Baobab and Marula – to complement AND enhance each other’s properties in a unique broad-spectrum formula of pure goodness that will seriously supercharge your skin!


Vitamins: A + B + C + D + E + F
Omegas: 3+6+9
Phenolic Acids: Ferulic, Caffeic, Gallic.
This concentrated blend of naturally potent oils is HIGH in vitamins, antioxidants and omegas renowned for their skin renewing, and anti-ageing properties. The HIGH! Serum offers HIGH-intensity hydration and deep nourishment to give your skin that healthy youthful glow!
Developed for ALL skin types (including OILY!) and 100% natural, their serum compliments ANY other product and skincare routine. This lightweight and fast-absorbing formula tones, smooths, builds skin resilience and penetrates deep to heal and repair on cellular level – including scars, stretch marks, sunburn, and eczema.
The world of cosmetics is filled with so much promise… At MYHRU, they believe it is time to navigate their way out of the skincare jungle and go back to the basics, where it all started.
Oil is the purest form of cosmetics and it’s nature’s original beauty serum. It penetrates deeper than gels and creams offering intensive moisture and repair on a cellular level. Unlike water-based creams, no preservatives are needed to harness the integrity of the product, ensuring it is gentle and safe to use in pregnancy and on babies.
Their serum works wonders on very dry and oily skin, reducing excessive sebum within days of regular use.
Cape Town, Western Cape
+27 (0)72 290 8937

Cape Town

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