Listed on this page are the top Cape Town Marriage Officers.

You need a legally recognised officiant to lead your ceremony and witness the consensual union between two adults. While you may not want a minister or a religious ceremony, there are marriage officers who can lead your ceremony in a non-denominational way, and stick to themes you have suggested to them. Also remember that while outdoor ceremonies and weddings are popular in South Africa, you must still sign your marriage certificate under a roof for the union to be legally binding. (Many couples choose to get the official business out of the way the day before the wedding, so they can have the ceremony without all the legalities.)

Do some research into each marriage officer by looking at their listing.  Just click on the thumbnail to navigate to the page where you will find more information about them and easily enquire with those that appeal to the type of wedding ceremony that appeals to you.


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When you start planning your wedding, you may not immediately think of booking a minister or marriage officer, and before you know it, it’s 2 weeks before your wedding and you don’t know how is going to officiate your union! Not to worry – If you are looking for a Marriage Officer in Cape Town, this is the article for you! There are a lot of couples who do not follow a specific religion and don’t necessarily go to church, which makes it hard to choose the officiant for your wedding, but luckily the marriage officers listed here cover a variety of ceremony types: Religious, Non-religious or non-denominational.

A different alternative is to head to the Department of Home Affairs to get your marriage license before the big day – that way you can have anyone (like a close friend) take charge of the ceremony in a way that you would like it, without the legal constraints.

Marriage Officer Cape Town

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Cape Town Marriage Officers

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