Best Wedding Photographers

To celebrate our best performing wedding vendors of 2019, we are giving the Pink Book Best awards to the top-performing vendors in each category. These wedding photographers listed below are the top 3 best wedding photographers in South Africa, rated by the average number of enquiries they received per month. These are the most popular photography vendors amongst our Pink Book website users.

Congratulations to the winners!


Zandri du Preez Photography is an award-winning husband and wife team based in Cape Town and specialising in wedding and engagement photography. With a documentary-style approach, their main focus is to capture the wedding day as it happens – all those natural moments.

Their photography is a combination of all that a wedding is: romantic, loving, fun, passionate… Everything wrapped into one. Being a good wedding photographer is more than just being able to take photos, it is about being a friend and advisor to your clients to in order to make their wedding day run smoothly. When that happens getting great photos is easy!

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best wedding photographer gold

best wedding photographers zandri du preez
zandri du preez top wedding photographer
best wedding photographers cape town


Mark le Grange is a wedding photographer based in Cape Town. He has a photojournalistic photography style which he applies along with his experience in directing to his photography to create beautifully styled and creative wedding photographs.

As a top professional wedding photographer, Mark and his team combine their experience, knowledge and skill to capture and create true moments which exude passion, emotion, charm and beauty. Emotion, light and composition create beautiful opportunities for photography. It is his passion to be in the right place at the right time to capture these extraordinary memories.

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best wedding photographer silver award

best wedding photographers cape town mark le grange
mark le grange top wedding photographer
best wedding photographers mark le grange


Cape Town based duo Zark and Beverley make up the unstoppable team of Eyelikephotography. With his logically knitted brain and her creative juices flowing, they produce stunning photos for weddings, engagements and couple shoots.

They pride themselves in having a deep passion for capturing moments filled with emotions, delivering vivid photos filled with laughter and love.
They will be your eyes throughout the day to capture the moments missed while you are on cloud 9.

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best wedding photographers awards bronze

eyelikephotography wedding-photographers cape town
best wedding photographers in south africa eyelike
best wedding photographers in south africa eyelike