Unique Wedding Confetti Ideas

Wedding confetti  throwing is the first bit of real fun your guests will have at your wedding and this is your chance to set the mood for the rest of the day. If done right, wedding confetti can make for amazing photos! Wedding confetti does not have to be restricted to the classic paper option.  Let your creative juices flow. Here are some fun wedding confetti ideas and alternatives.

There are many options to use as wedding confetti out there, use your creativity to combine your confetti to your wedding theme, style and decor. Pink Book took the time to look at some great wedding confetti ideas:


Using balloons adds a fun atmosphere and excitement for your first appearance as a married couple. Balloons are affordable, and come in a variety of colours, so your imagination is the only limit. Remember to fill them with helium and let your guests release them as you pass them.

Alternative Confetti_0001

Shine on!

Add a touch of glam, by using sparkles for your confetti. You could use glitter paper – punched into a shape you like, metallic shapes like hearts, or you could even hand out sachets filled with glitter!

Sparkle Confetti

Punch Drunk Love

You could add a cool twist to the traditional confetti idea, by using pretty paper and shapes to punch your confetti. You could even use fabric in a pattern that you love! A quick and fun way to get this wedding task done is to round up your bridesmaids or friends for a confetti punch evening – you supply the food and drink, they bring their wedding cheer!

Punched Confetti

Tweet Tweet

Leave something behind for the birdies in the area, by using birdseed as confetti. Some wedding venues don’t allow using any confetti unless it is bio-degradable, so this would be a great option if you’re bound to using bio-degradable confetti. We have posted a birdseed pocket printable, to make this an easy option for you.

Birdseed Confetti

Magic Wands

Give every guest a ribbon wand to wave around. Ribbon wands give your photos a fantastic and fun touch, adding movement to your wedding photos and offers your guests something a little more interactive than just throwing something once.

Ribbons Confetti

Cheer Away

If you want to use fabric for your confetti, why not make little pom poms for the guests to throw. These can be as small as grapes and vary in sizes; they will add a lovely colourful touch to the tradition.

Pompom Confetti

Time to Fly

If you want to be very original you can have your flower girls hand out mini paper planes to the guests as confetti. When you exit the church, every individual can try and fly the paper plane in your direction. Not only will this be completely out of the box, but the guests will have fun doing it.

Alternative Confetti_0009

Herbal Therapy

For a unique experience, use fragrant fresh herbs as your confetti. It will give a wonderful bohemian feel, and add a special scent to your festivities. Good options are Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme.

Herbs Confetti

In Full Bloom

Some couples prefer that their guests throw rose petals as confetti, but why not take this a step further. Any type of small flower can look very pretty as confetti, especially on the wedding photos. You can opt for Daisies, Piper’s Anemone, Asters, Bluebells, and Jasmine for your wedding confetti. Using fresh wildflowers is a wonderfully colourful confetti idea.

Fresh Wildflowers Confetti

Birds of a Feather

Feathers are a really popular option, as it has a lovely whimsical look and magic feel to it. You can go for traditional white, or have it match your colour scheme – both options look great. You can find feathers already dyed in many different colours.

Feathers Confetti

For Nature Lovers

You can use dried leaves for your Autumn Wedding as your confetti. It is eco-friendly, and will also suit the surroundings of this gorgeous season. You can collect these leaves in all over your garden and neighbourhood – just be sure to keep them stored in a dry place.

Dried Leaves Confetti

Or you can use dried petals for a slightly more colourful, but still nature-based option.

Dried Petals Confetti


Another great alternative is giving guests some soap bubbles to blow as confetti as you exit the ceremony area. It looks great on photos, and is also a no-mess option!

Bubbles Confetti

A Beachy Affair

If you’re getting married on the beach, you can add a great festive flair by having a couple of guests throw some beachballs for a colourful touch.

Beachball Confetti

For more ideas on confetti or to check out the original photos displayed in this post and their credits, have a look at our Alternatives to Wedding Confetti board on Pinterest.

Featured image by Good Night Key Light Photography

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